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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Freedom for the Sugababes

The UK's girl group Sugababes are back with a new single called "Freedom." But for those of you not familiar with the group. Here is recap of the crazy history of the group.

Siobhan, Mutya and Keisha debuted as the Sugababes in 2000. Their first single "Overload" went to #6 in the UK, but the next three singles didn't hit the top ten. Siobhan quit the group and they were dropped from their record label.

Siobhan, Keisha & Mutya (1998-2001)

Mutya, Keisha and new girl Heidi signed a new deal in 2002 and had instant success. This incarnation of the group would have four #1 singles ("Freak Like Me", "Round Round", "Hole In The Head" and "Push The Button") and three albums in the top three, the last hitting the #1 spot. The Sugababes were at the top of their game. And then Mutya quit the group during the promotion of their #1 album "Taller In More Ways" in 2005.

Keisha, Mutya & Heidi (2001-2005)

Keisha, Heidi and new girl Amelle kept the momentum going. Two more #1 singles ("Walk This Way" with Girls Aloud and "About You Now") followed, as well as another #1 album, "Change." However, some of the singles weren't soaring up the charts like they used to. Rumours of infighting started to circulate. They even named their 2008 album "Catfights and Spotlights." 

Amelle, Heidi & Keisha (2006-2009)

However, it was in 2009 after the release of their #2 single "Get Sexy" that things got out of hand. Amelle was going to quit. And then Heidi was going to quit. Their management came to Amelle and Heidi and said that they would rather replace Keisha than both Amelle and Heidi. The girls agreed, and Keisha was let go from the group.

Heidi, Amelle and new girl Jade picked up the pieces and did the best they could. The backlash had set in. Critics and fans were tired of the lineup changes, especially since no original member was still in the group. Amelle checked herself into a clinic for depression, as a lot of fans blamed her for Keisha leaving. Despite all of this, they still managed two more top ten singles with "About A Girl" and "Wear My Kiss" and an album called "Sweet 7" that was in the top 20.

Jade, Heidi & Amelle (2009-present)

The group took over a year off to let the controversy die down. And now they are back with a brilliant new song called "Freedom." Unfortunately, the song isn't out until September! Yikes! But they premiered the song live this weekend in the UK. Here is the video of the performance. Enjoy!

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