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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

100 Degrees by Kylie & Dannii Minogue

Dear Poptastic Readers,

We've been quiet all month. Sorry for that. Life gets busy and kinda crazy sometimes. And I've been working on Poptastic Confessions Top 20 songs of 2015! Coming soon! Until then ...

Kylie and Dannii

The good news, and I'm sure that many of you have heard, is that sisters Kylie and Dannii Minogue have recorded a duet called "100 Degrees" and it is the latest single from Kylie's Christmas album called Kylie Christmas.

I've bought the album yet, but it is on my to-do list. However, the single is FABULOUS! Just watch the video ...

And here is a lovely life performance of the song on Australian X Factor ...

Wasn't that fun? LOVED it!

Kylie Christmas is available on digital outlets everywhere! Go buy it today!

Cheers then,