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Monday, October 28, 2013

Chwyldro by Gwenno

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Hooray! Welsh singer/songwriter/music producer Gwenno is back with a new song called "Chwyldro." And that means "Revloution" in English.

The new song is chill, dark, dreamy and haunting. And it is sung in Welsh as Gwenno is quite the champion for the Welsh language! And listeners are better off for it. It adds to the mysterious vibe the song has.

Now you might remember that last year Gwenno had an amazing debut EP called "Ymbelydredd." And the single by the same name landed at #3 in my favorite songs of 2012. "Despenser St" was also another amazing song from the EP and it was featured in a TV program earlier this year. The EP was rather dreamy electro-pop. The new song sound less electro and more like a band feel to it.

The single comes with an extra track, a b-side if you will. It is called "A B C Ch D." It's along the same lines as the single.

And then there is the R Seiliog Remix of "Chwyldro." It definitely speeds up the track but I'm not sure it is aimed at the dance floor. Instead, it takes the song to new heights as it sounds like you might be up in the atmosphere listening to it. Definitely a journey.

"Chwyldro" is available for download on her label Peski's website. And if you are so inclined, there is a physical CD single that you can order, but hurry. There were only 50 copies made so it will be quite the collector's item!

"Chwyldro" will be available on iTunes this week. Please support the artist!

Cheers then!

P.S. Please check out when I interviewed Gwenno last summer for Poptastic Confessions.


Annwyl Darllenwyr Poptastic ,

Hwre ! Canwr / ysgrifennwr caneuon Cymraeg / cerddoriaeth cynhyrchydd Gwenno yn ei ôl gyda chân newydd o'r enw " Chwyldro . " Ac mae hynny'n golygu " Revloution " yn Saesneg.

Mae'r gân newydd yn oeri, tywyll, breuddwydiol a hudolus . Ac mae'n cael ei ganu yn y Gymraeg fel Gwenno yn eithaf hyrwyddwr ar gyfer yr iaith Gymraeg ! A gwrandawyr yn well eu byd ar ei gyfer. Mae'n ychwanegu y naws dirgel y gân wedi.

Nawr efallai y byddwch yn cofio bod y llynedd oedd Gwenno EP cyntaf anhygoel o'r enw " Ymbelydredd . " Ac mae'r un gan yr un enw glanio yn # 3 yn fy hoff ganeuon o 2012. Yn " Despenser St " hefyd yn gân arall anhygoel oddi ar yr EP , a oedd yn ymddangos mewn rhaglen deledu yn gynharach eleni . Mae'r EP oedd braidd yn freuddwydiol electro - pop. Y sain cân newydd yn llai electro ac yn fwy fel band yn teimlo iddo .

Y sengl hon gyda trac ychwanegol , a- ochr b os mynnwch. Fe'i gelwir yn " A B C Ch D " Mae'n ar hyd yr un llinellau â'r un .

Ac yna mae R Seiliog Remix o " Chwyldro . " Mae'n bendant yn cyflymu y trac , ond nid wyf yn siŵr ei fod wedi'i anelu at y llawr dawns. Yn hytrach , mae'n cymryd y gân i uchelfannau newydd gan ei fod yn swnio fel y gallech fod i fyny yn yr atmosffer yn gwrando arno . Yn bendant daith .

Ydych yn gwrando ar " Chwyldro " ar Soundcloud ...

" Chwyldro " ar gael i'w lawrlwytho ar wefan ei label peski yn . Ac os ydych yn dewis gwneud hynny , mae un CD corfforol y gallwch archebu , ond frys. Nid dim ond 50 o gopïau a wnaed felly bydd yn eithaf eitem y casglwr !

" Chwyldro " ar gael ar iTunes yr wythnos hon. Os gwelwch yn dda cefnogi'r artist !

Cheers wedyn !
- Davearama

P.S. Os gwelwch yn dda edrych ar pan fyddaf yn cyfweld Gwenno yr haf diwethaf ar gyfer Confessions Poptastic .

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Physical by Le Kid

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Le Kid are back with a new single called "Physical." And it is an amazing slice of Popstastic goodness. And this song deserves to be a mega hit! You're going to love it!

And here is the video for this wonderful pop song ...

Isn't it deeply fab? And speaking of fabulousness ... I recently met Märta of Le Kid when she was visiting San Francisco. I can tell you that she is very sweet and even more beautiful in person!

Davearama and Märta

"Physical" is currently only available on iTunes in Germany or Sweden. So if you have any friends that live there, have them buy the track on iTunes. If you don't know anyone there, email their label and ask to make the song available globally! Le Kid needs world domination! Well, let's just settle for mega hits everywhere! The world is a better place with Le Kid.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself that you have heard this song before. And if you follow my blog, indeed you have. You see, Le Kid released a version of this song only in Denmark back in the beginning of 2012. The song was then called "Human Behaviour" and it was #6 in my favourite songs of 2012. However, no video was made for the song back then, and it was a different arrangement. The new version has quite a kick, and avoids the slow intro.

Love Le Kid. You know you want to. Like their Facebook page. Bookmark their website. Follow on Twitter. Feel the love!

Cheers then,

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Living For The Weekend by The Satudays

Dear Poptastic Readers,

This week, the UK girl group The Saturdays have released their current album in the US! Hooray! The album is called "Living For The Weekend" and it is pretty good. You should check it out. Here is the Poptastic review …

The album starts off with their smash hit "What About Us" that went to #1 in the UK earlier this year. Now if you buy the regular version of the album on iTunes, you will get the version with rapper Sean Paul on it. If you buy the deluxe version, you get the rap-free version as a bonus track! You can read about "What About Us" on Poptastic Confessions by clicking on the name of the song.

The second track is the current single "Disco Love." It's a fun little number at went to #5 in the UK. See what I said about it by clicking on the name of the song.

Track 3 is song that was a single during the early summer … "Gentleman." I like it, but I don't love it. It didn't make the Top 10 in the UK as it stalled at #14. See what I said about it by clicking on the name of the song.

"Leave A Light On" is the fourth track and it is being touted as the next single. It is a power ballad. And it is good song. But I prefer the next track for the next single.

"Not Giving Up" is the dance floor stomper on the album! It is an AMAZING song! In retrospect, I wish they would have released this song during the summer. Let's hope they will release it next year because it is too fabulous not to be!

The next track is "Lease My Love." It is a dance-ish track with various tempos. It will get you grooving, but the chorus is a bit simple.

"30 Days" is the fantastic next track and it was released last year. In fact, it came in at #7 in my favorite songs of 2012!

Track 8 is a nice upbeat song called "Anywhere With You." It has a male rap in the middle of the song.

The ninth track is also a nice upbeat song called "Problem With Love." It has great strings and a dubstep breakdown in the middle.

"You Don't Have The Right" is a bit a dark ballad. Very nice.

The next track is another fun dance song called "Don't Let Me Dance Alone." Fun, fun, fun! And I think the lyrics play off a classic Whitney Houston song.

The album closes with "Somebody Else's Life." If you watched The Saturdays' reality show on E!, then you will recognize the chorus as the theme song for the show.

Deluxe Cover

Now, if you get the deluxe album … you get a bonus song called "Wildfire" as well as some remixes of "What About Us", "Gentleman", "Disco Love" and "Not Giving Up."

Overall, I think it is a good, solid album. If you live in the US, the best complement to this album is the "Chasing The Saturdays" EP, which is also on iTunes. The EP contains 5 tracks: "What About Us" (non-rap version), "All Fired Up" (#9 in my 2011 countdown), "Higher" (#13 on my 2009 countdown), "Notorious" (#8 in the UK) and "Ego" (#9 in the UK).

The Saturdays are fun girl group. If you like fun music, please buy their music on iTunes!

Cheers then,

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Indiana by Tom Aspaul

Dear Poptastic Readers,

This morning, I stumbled upon this little electro-pop number by Tom Aspaul on Popjustice. It caught my eye because the name of the song is called "Indiana." Why did that catch my eye? Well, because I grew up in Indiana and spent over 25 years living there until I moved to California.

The cover is a bit odd as there are no palm trees in Indiana ... That I know of! And I'm not sure who Tom Aspaul is, but this is his first single.

I'm on my third listen this morning, and I quite like it. I'm not sure he even says "Indiana" in it. I think you might like it. Nothing to dislike here. Have a listen ...

"Indiana" is available on iTunes. Please support the artist.

Cheers then,

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Half Of Me by Geri Halliwell

Dear Poptastic Readers,

In a couple of weeks, Geri Halliwell (aka Ginger Spice) will have a new song out in Australia called "Half Of Me." And as you might remember, last month we did a little Spice Girls history that also included the solo careers of the Girls, Geri's included.

This will be Geri's 11th solo single. The song is a mid-tempo affair. Geri debuted the song at a gay club in Australia. And then on a TV Show is Australia called The Footy Show. We have yet to hear the studio version, or see a video, but I think all that is coming soon. Here is her TV performance of the song.

Now, keep in mind that Geri isn't a singer's singer. She is no Beyoncé when it comes to her pipes. But that is part of the charm. I will venture to say that Geri's live singing has improved quite a bit over the years. And Geri is a very good songwriter as she's had some really nice melodies over the years. 

Now that Twitter is around ... some people have been less than kind. But I suppose in this digital world, it is easier for people to write bullying statements behind the safety of their keyboard. Popjustice.com has little piece called "14 reasons the Geri Halliwell single might not be shit on a stick." A sense of humor is required for the reading.

I like the new song. I'm not crazy about the bullshit line. I like the song, but I'm not sure that I love it. Only time will tell.

"Half Of Me" is released in Australia on the 25th of October.

Cheers then,