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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Into The Blue by Kylie Minogue

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Kylie Minogue is back with a new song called "Into The Blue." This is the first single from her forthcoming album called Kiss Me Once

It's hard to believe that it has been four years since her amazing album Aphrodite. If you don't have that album, you should definitely pick that up. It might just be her best album yet. Although I quite like Light Years and Fever

The new album has been done with Roc Nation, an American production team. However, the new song has a classic Kylie sound to it and that makes fans happy. Here is the new album cover ...

I like the new song. And I must admit it is a grower. But it has lovely strings, soaring vocals and a happy feel. Everything we want from Kylie.

Update: today the video for the lovely song is out. And Kylie looks amazing! As does French actor Clement Sibony. Without delay … here is the video.

"Into The Blue" will be released on iTunes in early March. 

Cheers then,

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wanderlust by Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Dear Poptastic Readers,

What do you do when one of your favourite dance-pop artists makes an album that isn't dance pop? You worry at first. But ultimately, you keep an open mind. Such is what I did this past week when I bought the new album Wanderlust by Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Now you might remember back November that Sophie's first single from the new album "Young Blood" was featured in Poptastic Confessions. You can click on the song to see what was said about it back then.

Perhaps you aren't familiar with Sophie. Well, she's had some AMAZING songs over the years: "Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)", "Murder On The Dancefloor", "Mixed Up World", "Me And My Imagination", "Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)", "Bittersweet", "Can't Fight This Feeling" and "Not Giving Up On Love."

So her new album is a departure from her pop-dance roots. And while I was initially worried that I wouldn't like it. I couldn't be more wrong. I was really pleasantly surprised. I think it really well done. It definitely sounds like she recorded the album with a band. Sophie has co-written every song on the album and the songs have really good melodies and hooks. Sophie sounds as beautiful as ever.

The album isn't a million miles away from some of her previous material. After all, not all of Sophie's songs have always had a dance beat. Nor does it mean this album is full of ballads, because it isn't.

If you like Sophie, or are new to her ... check out the album. The next single is rumoured to be "Runaway Daydreamer." You're going to like it!

Wanderlust is available on iTunes and other digital outlets. Support the artist by legally downloading the album.

Cheers then,

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Brân i Frân by The Lovely Wars

Dear Poptastic Readers,

To read this blog entry in Welsh, scroll down to the end. I ddarllen y cofnod blog yn Gymraeg, sgroliwch i lawr at y diwedd. 

The Lovely Wars have a new song coming out soon called "Brân i Frân." That is Welsh and it translates to "Crow For Crow." However, lead-singer Ani tells me that it really means "someone for everyone."

The Lovely Wars

I'm not sure when it will be released. However, you can see the band perform the new song on Welsh program called Ochr 1.

They sound great. They look fab. What's not to love? 

Now you might remember their singles from last year: "Let's Blow The Whole Thing Up" came in at #26 in our yearly countdown and their outstanding song "Young Love" made the Top 10 at #7.

Last week, a video of them performing "Young Love" arrived on YouTube. And it is fantastic. Check out how awesome they sound live ...

Well, that's all for now.

Cheers then,

Rhaglenni darllen Poptastic annwyl, 

Y Rhyfeloedd Lovely cael cân newydd yn dod allan yn fuan o'r enw "Brân i Frân." Mae hynny'n Gymraeg ac mae'n trosi i "Crow Am Crow." Arweiniol-canwr Ani yn dweud wrthyf ei fod mewn gwirionedd yn golygu "rhywbeth i bawb." 

Dydw i ddim yn siwr pryd y bydd yn cael ei ryddhau. Fodd bynnag, gallwch weld y band yn perfformio y gân newydd ar raglen Cymreig o'r enw Ochr 1. 

Maent yn swnio'n wych. Maent yn edrych yn wych. Beth sy'n peidio â garu? 

Nawr efallai y byddwch yn cofio eu senglau ers y llynedd: "Gadewch i Blow Gyfan Peth Up" yn dod i mewn ar # 26 yn ein paratoadau blynyddol ac mae eu cân rhagorol "Love Ifanc" a wnaed y 10 Top # 7. 

Yr wythnos diwethaf, fideo ohonynt yn perfformio "Love Young" Cyrhaeddodd ar YouTube. Ac mae'n wych. Edrychwch ar sut anhygoel maen nhw'n swnio yn fyw ... 

Wel, dyna i gyd am y tro. 

Lloniannau hynny, 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Pop Music Forecast for 2014

Dear Poptastic Readers,

This year looks to be a great year for pop music! I'm going to share with you some upcoming releases from the poptastic artists we love the most.

In no particular order ...

The Lovely Wars

The Lovely Wars have a new EP coming soon and their first Welsh-language single. Apparently the single will also be available in English. We can't wait. The single will be out later this month and the EP out in by Easter.


And speaking of the Welsh language, Gwenno will also be releasing her first full-length solo album called Y Dydd Olaf. That is Welsh for "The Last Day." And there will be another single out before the album! Hooray. The first single was “Chwyldro.”

mi amore Annikafiore

Poptastic Confessions-favourite dancefloor diva Annikafiore could have a new release this year. If so, expect it later in the year. 


Annikafiore's former bandmates Alcazar have a new song out In February/March as part of Melodifestivalen, Sweden's preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest. The song is called "Blame It On The Disco." Goodness, by the title alone, it promises to be really good.

Jody Watley

Jody Watley, who had the #1 spot in 2013 with "Nightlife" will be releasing her next album called Paradise. I'm not sure what the next single will be, but hopefully it will be just as fabulous as "Nightlife."

Le Kid

Le Kid ... I'm not sure what is up next for them, but hopefully their sophomore album! And lots of great music. If there was any pop justice, they'd be a global smash!

Rebecca & Fiona

Rebecca & Fiona should also be releasing their sophomore album. I know a third single is on its way. I am unsure if it it "Hot Shots" or not. Hopefully we will know soon.

Pet Shop Boys

After a busy year in 2013, I'm not sure if the Pet Shop Boys will have any more singles from Electric. Definitely the best songs from the album have already been released, so I wouldn't think so.

Melanie B

Melanie B says she has another song up her sleeve. I'm all for it — especially if it is as good as "For Once In My Life." Bring it on!

Geri Halliwell

Melanie B's Spice Girls mates might have some solo releases, too. Melanie C is often releasing music. And Geri Halliwell got the music bug again. Even though her first song back "Half Of Me" didn't make a huge splash, she definitely has the songwriting talents as well as the charisma. So don't count her out just yet. It would be lovely to hear from Emma again, but I'm not sure if she has anything planned. Sadly, I think Victoria is done music.

Mutya Keisha Siobhan (the original Sugababes)

The Sugababes ... oh the Sugababes. Well, I think 2014 will definitely have more music from Mutya Keisha Siobhan. I'm not sure if they will use their first names or get the Sugababes name back. Lots of rumours there ... stay tuned!


Amelle from the Sugababes should finally release her debut solo album. It was supposed to happen last fall, so it is now or never. Heidi and Jade are doing musicals now and Jade says she is recording solo music. Will Heidi, Amelle and Jade return in 2014? It certainly doesn't look good.

The Saturdays

The Saturdays will have another single from their album Living For The Weekend. Fans are craving for it to be the dance song "Not Giving Up" and I agree 100%. It's wonderful song and it deserves to be a big hit. If you are in the UK, be sure to check them out on tour this year.


Norwegian singer Annie has said she will have another EP out. Sadly, there were no more singles from her "A&R EP." There were some amazing tracks there that deserved to be singles. But let's see what else she has.


My all-time favourite group Bananarama might have new music out this year. We know they've been working on a new album. Their last full-length album was "Viva" in 2009. But we were lucky enough to get the amazing EP "Now Or Never" in 2012. 

Duran Duran

My childhood favourites Duran Duran spent a lot of time in studio in 2013 so hopefully there will be a 2014 release. Let's hope this time around they pick the best songs to be the singles, unlike their last album that was actually quite good. The album had some great songs, but the best ones weren't singles.

Lisa Cork-Twiss

Former Real McCoy singer Lisa Cork-Twiss, who I interviewed last year for Poptastic Confessions, has been recording new songs with my friend DJ/Producer Brad Eller (aka Bradelectro). Their collaboration is called Glass Slipper. And they met because of the interview I did with Lisa. Brad realized they both lived in the same city and the rest is history! Hopefully 2014 will see the songs released.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Sophie Ellis-Bextor has a new album out this month called Wanderlust. This album isn't aimed the dance floor like some of her other releases. Instead, it had a pop rock feel to it. "Young Blood" was the first single. Not sure if there is a second one. Watch the album trailer here.

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue will also be back with a new album! Hooray! And the first single is called "Into The Blue." The video has already been filmed, so we should hear it soon!

Dannii Minogue

Dannii Minogue is back in the studio again after a long absence. And I couldn't be more happy! We featured Dannii's music career last year in Poptastic Confessions. So hopefully we will get new music this year!

Molly Smitten-Downes

In 2013, we were introduced to Molly Smitten-Downes. She has a new song called "Strange Alien." Not sure if it will be the next single, but hopefully we'll find out before long.

Army Of Lovers

Army Of Lovers will be back next month being featured on the Gravitonas single "People Are Lonely." I'm not sure what else is planned for the year, but I'm sure if it does, it will be interesting. In the meantime, check out the latest remake/remix of "Crucified 2013" available on iTunes now.

Belinda Carlisle

Belinda Carlisle enjoyed her single "Sun" so much that she will be back with another single called "Goodbye Just Go." Can't wait to hear it!


The rumour is that Madonna is working a "grown up" album of ballads for her next album. Not sure if it is true or if anything is planned for 2014. We wait and see.

Ace Of Base

Who would I love to come back in 2014? Without a doubt, Ace Of Base. But sadly, I don't think that would happen. The band went through some rough times in 2010 when two new singers were added to the group after Jenny and Linn left. Well, the new singers are gone. But will Jenny, and possibly Linn, return to the group? Fans can only dream. Hopefully one day. But perhaps it is still too soon.

The Human League

And as always, we'd love for The Human League to return, too. But their last album Credo was out in 2011. So ... that means we have at least a few more years until they churn out another album.

Remember to bookmark Poptastic Confessions and you can like the official Facebook page, too! Thanks for stopping in! Let's have a great year!

Cheers then,

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tidbits about 2013

Happy New Year!

Here are some fun tidbits about my Top 20 songs of 2013! Enjoy!~

There were four acts that had two songs each inside my Top 20. They were Rebecca & Fiona, Pet Shop Boys, The Saturdays and Army Of Lovers. Only the Pet Shop Boys had two songs in the Top 10 with "Vocal" and "Thursday." The last time the Pet Shop Boys made my Top 10 was in 2004 with a song called "Flamboyant." 

Jody Watley, Capital Cities and Belinda Carlisle were the American artists on my countdown.  It was a big comeback for Jody Watley and even Belinda Carlisle. Belinda's comeback single didn't make the top 10, but the last time she was on my countdown was in 1996 with "In Too Deep." That's a 17 years away! Jody went 10 years away from my countdown, but her last song in my Top 20 was "A Beautiful Life" in 2009.

Le Kid, Rebecca & Fiona, Army Of Lovers, Icona Pop, and Dream Beats are from Sweden. And I really hope to make to Sweden in 2014. Fingers crossed.

The artists from the UK are Pet Shop Boys, Mel B (although she lives in California), The Saturdays, The Lovely Wars, Gwenno, Adam J, Amelle Berrabah, Molly Smitten-Downes and Mutya Keisha Siobhan.

Perhaps it is important noting that The Lovely Wars and Gwenno are both from Wales. And Gwenno's song is only the second time a Welsh-language song has made my countdown. The first was last year with Gwenno's song "Ymbelydredd."

Amelle and Mutya Keisha Siobhan have all been members of the Sugababes. There are some negotiations going on about the name so stay tuned.

That leaves us Annie who is from Norway, but currently lives in Germany. She was also a first timer to my countdown, as was Rebecca & Fiona, The Lovely Wars, Capital Cities, Icona Pop, Adam J, Molly Smitten-Downes and Siobhan.

There are two songs in the Top 10 that have the line "It's in the music" in the lyrics. They are "Nightlife" by Jody Watley and "Vocal" by the Pet Shop Boys.

Three songs have the word "Love" in the title: "Disco Love" by The Saturdays, "Young Love" by The Lovely Wars and "Love (Is All We Need)" by Adam J featuring Amelle Berrabah.

I have met a few artists in the countdown. I've actually met Gwenno twice! Once in 2007 when she toured America with The Pipettes. And I met her again in 2011 when she toured America with The Pipettes. The second time is when I met Ani, who is now the lead singer of The Lovely Wars. I met Märta from Le Kid earlier this year for lunch in San Francisco. And while I didn't technically met Jody Watley, she did recognize me from Twitter when I saw her perform in Oakland earlier this year. I saw the Pet Shop Boys in concert this year and I waved to them on stage, but I'm sure they didn't see me. Ha!

And lastly ... several artists acknowledged Poptastic Confessions either on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram when the countdown was going on. They were ... Jody Watley, Le Kid, The Lovely Wars, Army Of Lovers, Gwenno, Amelle Berrabah, Annie, and Molly Smitten-Downes. To those artists, I say Thank you for the music. And thank you for helping support my blog!

Well, that's all for now ...

If you missed the countdown, start here at #1 and work your way down.

Check out tidbits from 2012 and 2011.

Cheers then,