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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Le Kid Mercy Mercy 2012

Hello Poptastic Readers ...

One of our favourite pop groups from Sweden have a new song out in Germany. Although the new song isn't really new. In fact, it is a new version of their first single in 2010 called "Mercy Mercy."

If you click on the song name above you can watch the original video with the original version. It was a bit more classic, you might say. The band also had five members.

The new German version has a fresh update. And it's nice to hear a more modern version of the song. It also comes with a cute new video, too.

You'l notice that the band now has four members, and that is just fine. Now, we just need Le Kid to make videos for their other songs this year: "Human Behaviour" and "Superficial."


  1. More videos coming! And more songs! No video for Human Behaviour or Superficial though..