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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Poptastic Confessions has a Facebook page

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Poptastic Confessions now has a Facebook page! Hooray!

Why do we need a Facebook page? Well, to reach more people. I'll be posting all of the blog entries on the Facebook page, making it easier for you to visit the blog as well as share it with your Facebook friends.

The history of the Facebook page goes back a bit. I used publish a Fanzine dedicated to the pop group Bananarama. The fanzine was called Pop Life that was named after their 5th studio album. I had made the Facebook page initially for the Pop Life fanzine. The fanzine was long out of print, and since it was published before Facebook came around. I thought I would create a Facebook page to feature it. 

Last week, I changed the name of the Facebook page from Pop Life to Poptastic Confessions so it will feature both the fanzine, as well as new updates about pop music.

So please "like" Poptastic Confessions on Facebook!

Poptastic regards,

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