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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Blame It On The Disco by Alcazar

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Happy March!

The Swedish group Alcazar are back with a new song called "Blame It On The Disco." And it is doing quite well for them in Sweden. The song is a contender for Sweden's Melodifestivalen (their pre-selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest.)

Alcazar are Tess, Andreas and Lina.

The new song is pretty awesome, and like other Alcazar songs, they name drop their name in the lyrics, too. I must admit that when I first heard it and saw the performance, I was reminded of their 2009 hit "Stay The Night." While similar, "Blame It On The Disco" is great pop song. And seeing the trio descend from the ceiling in a giant disco ball is pretty amazing. Just have a look …

Alcazar are no strangers to Melodifestivalen. Andreas competed in it twice before he joined Alcazar with "Driver Dagg Faller Regn" in 1996 and "Jag Saknar Dig, Jag Saknar Dig" in 1997. Lina also competed twice before joining Alcazar with "Big Time Party" in 2002 and "Nothing Can Stop Me" in 2003. 

Alcazar in 2003: Magnus, Annikafiore, Tess and Andreas.

Alcazar also performed in 2003 with "Not A Sinner, Nor A Saint" and again in 2005 with "Alcastar." During Alcazar's big break, former-member Magnus had two songs in Melodifestivalen with "Lev Livet!" in 2006 and "Live Forever" in 2007. Andreas also competed with "Move" in 2007. 

"Stay The Night" in 2009.

Alcazar returned to Melodifestivalen in 2009 after Annikafiore and Magnus left the group with "Stay The Night." They returned again in 2010 with "Headlines" and Andreas went solo again in 2012 with "Aldrig Aldrig."

"Blame It On The Disco" has made it to the final. Will they win? Stay tuned. The Melodifestivalen final is March 8. Until then, if something bad happens, just blame it on the disco!

Cheers then,

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