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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lay The Rhythm Down by Go!Go!Go!

Dear Poptastic Readers,

I love it when friends tell us about music I haven't heard before, and it turns out the music is indeed poptastic! So recently my friend Thomas turned me on the UK girl/boy group called Go!Go!Go! They are kinda like a cartoon version of Steps mixed with a bit Alphabeat

Their music is 100% pure pop! And it is very sugary sweet. Their debut album is called Radio Go!Go!Go! and the songs are the perfect way to turn a frown upside down. Even though they targeted right at kids ... adults can enjoy them, too.

My favorite song is called "Lay The Rhythm Down" as it sounds similar to the songs of Alcazar. And I know my friend Thomas through Alcazar. Here's the super-cute video!

Go!Go!Go! have other fun songs. My other favourite is "This Is The Life." Click on the name to watch the video. It looks like they always wear the same clothes in all their videos ... continuing the cartoon-esque theme.

Head on over to their YouTube channel and watch all of their videos. And then head over to iTunes to buy the album.

Cheers then,

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