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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Young Guns by Alcazar

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Alcazar released a new single last week in Sweden. It is a remake of Wham's 1983 hit "Young Guns (Go For It)."

Thankfully, the remake is a bit more exciting than the dreary single cover. It is a pretty faithful remake of the Wham classic with a few exceptions. Instead of Andreas rapping George Michael's verses, Lina and Tess do the rapping. And sadly, Shirlie's verse is completely taken out of the new remake.

The good news is that Alcazar filmed a video for the song, unlike their last two singles. The bad news the video is not available to be seen in the USA. Booooo! Shame on their record company for blocking it for the US fans. If you live outside the US, here is the video ...

In case you can't see that video, click here to hear the song.

Apparently the song was only released in the Swedish iTunes store. Another poor choice. Still, it is a fun song. Perhaps one day the video won't be blocked and fans from outside of Sweden can legally download the track.

Cheers then,

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