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Friday, April 21, 2017

Ffrwydrad Tawel by Ani Glass

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Welsh Pop Princess Ani Glass has released her EP Ffrwydrad Tawel (Silent Explosion)! The EP has 6 songs that you will love, even if you don't speak Welsh!

Ffrwydrad Tawel is named after one of Wales' leading contemporary artists Ivor Davies' exhibition of the same name. The exhibition was held at the National Museum in Cardif, Wales. Ani was so inspired by his used and mix of Welsh language, bleak colors and destruction to reflect Welsh society, that she used this inspiration to come up with 6 tracks for her first EP.

The EP opens with the track "Y Newid" (Change). It sounds like a woman's choir singing a cappella, however, you get the feeling that Ani is singing all of the parts. Before you know it there is a vocal sample from socialist activist (Labor councillor) Ray Davies during his speech at the Yes Cymru rally in 2014. The beat kicks in, but not for long. 

The second track is Ani's single from last year called "Y Ddawns" ("The Dance"). It is very spooky and hypnotic. We love it!

The beat picks up with "Dal i Droi" (Another Day). It is a dreamy fun pop song with a catchy chorus.

Our favorite track on the new EP is "Geiriau" (Words). It is epic and the music reminds of us the 80s group Berlin. The lyrics are about Ani's experience of leaving him, moving away to make a new life and returning years later. So as you can imagine, it is quite emotional.

There is an interlude called "Mor Hapus" (More Clear) that has some normal daily work-life sounds.

The EP closes with "Cariad Cudd" (The City Sleeps) starts off as bit of a ballad, but the verses have Ani speaking from a speakerphone surrounding the chorus.

All in all, it is a great EP! We don't speak Welsh, but it doesn't matter. Let the music take you on a journey.

Ffrwydrad Tawel is available to purchase on Bandcamp, which gives the artist more money. Buy your copy today! 

Cheers then,

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