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Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Music Between Us: Concert Ads of Duran Duran by Andrew "Durandy" Golub

Dear Poptastic Readers,

At the end of last year, we were in contact with the author of a new book called The Music Between Us: Concert Ads of Duran Duran. The book is by Andrew "Durandy" Golub. We agreed to feature his book in the beginning of 2017, and then we forgot. So sorry, Durandy! Better late than never! And today (August 10) is Duran Duran Appreciation Day!

Durandy is a Duran Duran archivist and his new book on the band's concert memories is essential for any Duran Duran fan. Durandy previous published a limited-edition book called Beautiful Colors: The Posters of Duran Duran.

The new book examines the impact Duran Duran made on audiences around the world spanning four decades — seen through the lens of fans' concert memories. It features handbills, flyers, and promotional adverts from around the world, celebrating the Duran Duran live experience, and what it means to be a fan, aka: a Duranie.

Durandy was kind enough to send me a PDF of the book for review and it is awesome. It has various people's quotes about the shows. It is so endearing to read these.

It reminded me of 1987, the year I first saw Duran Duran in concert and twice within one week. 
Over the years, I would see Duran Duran four more times in concert: 1993, 1995, I had tickets to see them in 2005, but I couldn't go at the last minute, 2011, and 2015.

If you are a Duranie, you owe it to yourself to buy this book. You won't be disappointed. And it will bring back many, many happy memories you had the day of the concert. Buy it here.

Cheers then,


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  1. Amazing guy, Andrew Golub!!!😋😀😁