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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Happy Birthday, Jody Watley!

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Today is The Queen of Cool Jody Watley's birthday! Happy Birthday, Jody! We (Arturo, Janice, Edith, and Dave) saw Jody in concert in Napa, California at the Blue Note on Saturday night! There were 2 shows that evening and we attended the first show. And what a show it was!

Jody started off the night with the feel-good track "Whenever" from her 2001 album Midnight Lounge. Then she stepped it up with her 1992 hit "I'm The One You Need." That was from her stellar album Affairs Of The Heart. She then followed with one our favourite songs "A Beautiful Life" from 2008. That from her album The Makeover. It was the first time we saw Jody sing this wonderful song. 

Jody continued with "Saturday Night Experience" (from 1999), "Borderline" (her soulful cover from 2006 of the Madonna classic), and then Jody announced her next solo single! She said it would be a new version of her remake of Bob Marley's "Waiting In Vain." Jody covered this song in 2006 on The Makeover. "Borderline" is also from that album.

Jody then sang a special song that a fan had requested. It was her cover of "After You, Who?" by Cole Porter. In 1990, Jody had participated in the album Red Hot + Blue, which raised money for AIDS benefits. 

Jody then invited her SRL guys Nate and Rosero (who were also 2 of her 4 backup dancers that evening) to come up and sing "The Mood." This song is now climbing up the charts in the UK! Hooray! You might remember that "The Mood" was Poptastic Confessions #1 song of 2016!

Then Jody was treated to a surprise when she was presented with a birthday cake with lit candles. The whole place sang "Happy Birthday" to Jody! Watch it here ...

Then Jody pulled out the hits "Don't You Want Me", "Still A Thrill", and "Real Love." She ended the night with "Dancer" from her 2014 Paradise EP. Here's a small clip of "Real Love" ...

After the first show, and before the next show, Dave and Edith went to meet her because they bought Meet & Greet tickets. Jody is always so gracious and genuine with her fans.

Dave and Jody

Since 2013, we (Janice, Arturo, and Dave) have seen Jody Watley 6 times in concert and each time there is something new and special. This was Edith's first time seeing Jody in concert, and she can't wait to join us next time. You can read our reviews here: March 2013 at Yoshi's in Oakland, May 2014 at Yoshi's in Oakland, February 2015 (on Arturo's 50th Birthday) at Yoshi's in Oakland, November 2016 at Yoshi's in Oakland (We actually forgot to write a review as we were a bit depressed about the outcome of the presidential election.), July 2017 at the Alameda County Fair, and now February 2018 at the Blue Note in Napa.

If you haven't seen Jody Watley in concert, you should. She is an amazing artist with a beautiful voice. She really connects with the audience. She found two great guys in Nate and Rosero for SRL.

We love you, Jody! Happy Birthday!

Still a thrill,
—Dave and the Poptastic Confessions Collective

P.S. ...

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