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Friday, January 5, 2018

Tidbits about the 2017 countdown

Dear Poptastic Readers,

We have a lot of songs to get to already this year. Most of these were released in December, and because of the countdown, we were unable to highlight them. So look for those next week. In the meantime, we always do a recap of the countdown giving you some interesting (and not so interesting) tidbits about the countdown. Here we go ...

1. "Electric Nights" by Parralox
3. "Wearing Nothing" by Dagny
4. "Hair Down" by Mollie King
6. "Weightless" by Infernal
7. "Lucy (Sun Goes Up)" by Chris Tall featuring Maydar
8. "Do You Think About Me" by Benjamin Ingrosso
9. "Neon Blue" by Steps
10. "Go To Work" by Nadine Coyle
11. "Warriors" by Tigertown
12. "Bye Bye Bby Boo" by Dolly Style
13. "Taped Up Heart" by KREAM featuring Clara Mae
14. "My Boyfriend's Clothes" by Christie and the Dream Beats
15. "Echoes" by Ulrika
16. "All Men Must Die" by RABBII
17. "Moonlight" by Dolly Style
18. "Galaxy" by Dannii Minogue
19. "I'm Not Her" by Clara Mae
20. "Beautiful Life" by The Sound Of Arrows

And the bonus track ...

21. "Thinking About..." by Slippry Feet

Steps had the most songs in our Top 21 with 3 songs in the Top 10. What a comeback!

Dolly Style and Clara Mae both had 2 songs each in the Top 21. Funnily enough, Dolly Style had the same 2 positions last year when their songs for both years came in at #12 and #17. Clara Mae also had the #19 song last year as well as this year, too. "Deirdre Chambers! What a coincidence!"

Newcomers to Top 21 countdown this year were Dagny, Mollie King (as a solo artist), Chris Tall, Maydar, Benjamin Ingrosso, Nadine Coyle (as a solo artist), Tigertown, KREAM, Ulrika, The Sound Of Arrows, and Slippry Feet. 

Mollie King didn't make our Top 21 last year as her song "Back To You" came in at #31. However, she was at the #1 spot with her group The Saturdays back in 2014 with their song "Not Giving Up." 

Nadine was at #10 this year with "Go To Work." She was last on our countdown in 2012 with her group Girls Aloud when their song "Something New" also came in at #10.

Infernal was also last on our countdown in 2012 when their song "Love Is All ..." came in at #16. "Weightless" was their first top 10 for us. Their other song in 2017 "Holding On" came in at #25.

RABBII was in the top 10 last year when "New Friends" landed at #5. They were also at #14 in 2015 with "Hang Us High." Their other song in 2017 "Majestic" came in at #72.

Ulrika was on our radar in 2016 as her song "Oh Sally!" came in at #29. She had another song in 2017 called "Love Goes" that came in at #76.

Parralox almost took the #1 spot away from The Saturdays in 2014. It was very close and they landed at #2 in 2014 with "Crying On The Dancefloor." This is their first #1 for us. They also had the most votes in our first reader's poll. "Electric Nights" at #1 had the most views in the countdown.

Christie and the Dream Beats were right on Parralox's tail with the second-most views for "My Boyfriend's Clothes" at #14. Their song "Wasn't My Fault" was at #16 last year.

Surprisingly, Dannii Minogue had the third-most views in the countdown with "Galaxy" at #18. Why is this surprising? Well, we messed up on the linking. And at the bottom of each page during the countdown, the #18 link went the original posting of the song "Galaxy" and not the #18 position link. Whoops! It has been fixed now.

Benjamin Ingrosso had the fourth-most views in the countdown this year with "Do You Think About Me" at #8. His other song in 2017 "One More Time" came in at #40.

To listen to most of the countdown on our 2017 Poptastic Confessions Playlist on Spotify.

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Cheers then,

—The Poptastic Confessions Collective

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