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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Headphones by Little Boots

Hello Poptastic Readers,

I always hate it when in January I find a song that was released last year and I completely missed it. Well, this is the case this year. I came across the brilliant song called "Headphones" by Little Boots.

Who is Little Boots? Her real name is Victoria Hesketh and she is a British singer/musician/songerwriter/artist. She goes by the stage name Little Boots ... a nickname she got for having small feet.

I first heard about Little Boots in 2009 when she had a song that I liked called "New In Town." I really liked it. However, she had a bigger hit in the UK with a top-ten hit song called "Remedy." 

I think she might have come to my attention because I am a Human League fan and she did a duet with Phil Oakey called "Symmetry."

In January, I took the time out to listen to her two song she had out last year. I absolutely loved "Headphones." It is a cool, funky-electro track that has had me dancing on the subway the past month. 


Little Boots music is available on iTunes. Please support the artist.

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