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Monday, February 18, 2013

Somebody Loves You by Betty Who

Hello Poptastic Readers,

Recently, my friend Jason emailed me about a new artist called Betty Who. Just who is Betty Who? Well, she's an Australian indie pop artist, and she has a fabulous new song called "Somebody Loves You."

"Somebody Loves You" is a lovely little song that has a happy melody with a retro feel to it. If you love fun, pop songs ... this one is for you!

The video for "Somebody Loves You" is super cute! It's a flashback to the 80s with leg warmers, bright colors and lots of smiles.

But it gets better. Betty Who recently commissioned a remix contest for "Somebody Loves You." And guess who has remixed it? Our lovely Italian friend Giuseppe Piol! And he is done a fantastic job. You can hear Piol's remix here.

Please check out Betty Who's Official Facebook Page. And her Soundcloud page.

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