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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Young Love by The Lovely Wars

Dear Poptastic Readers,

The Lovely Wars are back with their second single called "Young Love" and it is very lovely indeed.

You might remember that Poptastic Confessions featured their first single "Let's Blow The Whole Thing Up" back in January. Before The Lovely Wars, Ani joined her sister Gwenno in The Pipettes for their glorious second album called "Earth vs. The Pipettes" and it was produced by the amazing Martin Rushent.

The Pipettes second album: "Earth vs. The Pipettes"

And while The Pipettes are on hiatus, Ani has put together a new band called The Lovely Wars. Ani is the lead singer, Alice on guitar, Ceri on keyboards, Bill on bass, and Dan on drums.

The Lovely Wars: Bill, Alice, Ani, Ceri, and Dan.

And the new song is quite beautiful. As you can guess it is about young love. The song has a wonderful melody and Ani's voice is heavenly. It's a bit melancholy and dreamy. And it has a fun spoken word middle part.

The video has a homemade feel to it, which I find refreshing. I think is artistic and you get to know some personalities of the band members. Also in the video is a quick sign for "Despenser Gardens." Ani's sister Gwenno has a wonderful song called "Despenser St" about the street the family grew up on. Enjoy!~

"Young Love" is available digitally on July 1. Until then, I have found myself listening to "Stop The Music" by The Pipettes because it has a similar feel to it. Don't worry, I'll remind you on July 1 to purchase the track and support the artists!

Please like their official Facebook page.

Cheers then,

P.S. I had the good fortune to meet Ani in 2011 when The Pipettes performed in San Francisco. And I've interviewed Ani for Poptastic Confessions. Not only is she very talented in singing and her artwork, she is also very sweet! 

Ani and Davearama (I am bent over laughing, btw)

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