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Monday, July 29, 2013

Icona Pop

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Last year, I found out about the Swedish duo Icona Pop with their song "I Love It." I liked the song, but I wasn't crazy about the profanity. I looked around for a "clean" version with no luck. I'm a parent who likes sharing music with my kids, and this isn't one I wanted to share with them unless there was a clean version. Then I read online that the song was being used for the "Jersey Shore" TV show. And that was a turn off for me, so I looked the other way.

I wasn't crazy about the photography for single and album covers as the photos looked like bad outtakes. What are those things on their heads? Poor choice!

So then this spring, Icona Pop hit the USA. And my kids know the song now. The radio stations play a clean version, so I thought there would be a clean version on iTunes, but no luck. 

While I will admit, I do like "I Love It", I really like their new song "Girlfriend." Although, it also is not without a cuss word. But it's got a nice fun, summer vibe to it and a catchy chorus. And the single artwork is better. Wouldn't you agree?

And here is the video for the song "Girlfriend", which looks like it was filmed in California. 

But strangely enough, it's not their only single they have out now. They also have another single called "All Night." And it is pretty catchy, too. And best of all, no bad words! Yay! No video for now, but you can hear it on YouTube by clicking on the name of the song.

I do have a tendency to like girl groups (or duos). And because Icona Pop sing in unison like Bananarama ... it makes me like them more.

Icona Pop's music is available on iTunes as well as other online outlets.

Cheers then,

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