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Monday, April 7, 2014

Surge by Glass Slipper

Dear Poptastic Readers!

Today is the day that you can buy "Surge" by Glass Slipper on iTunes. Don't delay, buy it today! And for you convenience, click here to go directly to iTunes!

BradElectro and Lisa Cork-Twiss are Glass Slipper

If you don't know who Glass Slipper is, then read our introduction them here. They met because of Poptastic Confessions! And because of that, and they have our full support. It also helps that their music is deeply FAB!

Their first released track is called "Surge" and it is wonderful slice of deep house. The music will have you grooving and Lisa's vocals are soaring. It is so nice to hear Lisa's beautiful voice showcased here. And as an extra bonus, she has done all of the female backing vocal parts. Such a talent! You can even hear BradElectro's deep voice on the track.

Please help support the artist with their new track. Share this blog entry with your friends or just share the iTunes link with your friends. Just share the love!

Cheers then,

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