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Monday, August 4, 2014

An Interview with Alice Dallin-Walker

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Back in May, I introduced you to new singer/songwriter Alice Dallin-Walker. Her debut 2-track Alice EP with Oscar Scheller really let Alice's star shine. Click on Alice's name to read my review. Alice has some new songs coming soon, but I thought it would be fun to do an interview. Thankfully, Alice said yes!

The Alice EP

Now a little background ... Alice is the daughter of Sara Dallin and Bassey Walker. Sara is one half of Bananarama. Bassey was one of Bananarama's hunky dancers back in the day. He is also a musician, too. So Alice is a natural when it comes to music. Please meet Alice!

Alice Dallin-Walker

Hello Alice! Let's start off with the fantastic 2-track Alice EP that you and Oscar released. How did this come about?

Firstly thank you for buying the EP and supporting my music, it means so much to me! I’ve known Oscar since I was 14 and since he too has always loved music it was only natural for us to collaborate. It started off just going to Oscar’s house after he had put the music for me together, and despite constantly laughing through every take we managed to write and record ‘Love No More,’ ‘Moving On,’ and ‘Lights Out,’ in his bedroom. We released the EP of our own back and we’re very pleased with the response it’s got.

I love it! Who is Oscar Scheller? And will you be working with him on future projects?

Oscar, like I said above is my friend first and foremost but he is also an incredibly talented musician and performer in his own band. He is also a whiz on the computer making the most amazing beats! Oscar is currently focusing on his own music but I’m sure we will work together in the future! 

"Oscar’s bedroom where we wrote our music." 

"Moving On" is one of my favorite songs of the year so far! My 14-year-old-son was even singing to it in the car the other day. Can you please make a video for it?

Haha! Thank you, that’s great to hear! I would love to make a music video for it…watch this space! :-)

In my review, I noted that the chorus of "Moving On" was similar to The Spag-A-Nana Dub Mix of Bananarama's "Movin' On." Was this by coincidence?

I get this all the time! But I actually wasn’t even thinking about Bananarama’s ‘Movin On.’ (sorry mum) The lyrics just worked for that song…its great to have similar songs though, it’s almost as if I’m paying homage to the Bananarama legacy. haha

Alice and Sara

Indeed! "Love No More" is also a great song. I also noticed that both songs were break-up songs. Will you love again? Ha!

Break-up songs are easy to write because everyone has been through similar types of feelings and emotions, however I feel my songs have more of a positive outlook on love and spread the message that if someone doesn’t appreciate you then it’s onto the next! I definitely will love again, but I’m in no hurry…

Great! The brilliant Ian Masterson mixed both songs. How wonderful was it to hear how he made your songs shine?

I’ve known Ian for years too and it was great to finally work with him after all his great work on Bananarama’s records. Having recorded rough mixes of ‘Love No More,’ and ‘Moving On’ in Oscar’s bedroom, it was great to be in a proper studio. Hearing my songs revamped, I’m so grateful for being able to work with Ian.

Nice. Hopefully not the last time! On your SoundCloud page, there is a song called "Lights Out." Will that be included on the next release?

I really like ‘Lights Out’ because I love the music Oscar made for it and the lyrics are about liking someone, which is different to my other songs! I haven’t thought about what’s going to be on the next EP yet but I would for sure like to revamp ‘Lights Out’ and have it featured.

I really like it, too! What is next musically for you, besides making a video for "Moving On" and promoting it like a proper single? Haha

For the past few months I have been working with music producers Rob Tanzy (goes by the name of ‘Crown Duels’) and Joey Mccrilley. I have been writing and recording songs for them, which is all very exciting as they are massively talented. The songs I have done are of a more Dance/House vibe and will be on their EP’s that should be released towards the end of the year when everything is finished.

Let me know! You have some very nice covers on your SoundCloud page like Michael Jackson's "Human Nature" and Rihanna's "Stay." I thought they were brilliant.

Thank you, I know it sounds clichĂ© but I really do feel like I’ve grown up with Michael Jackson. My dad was and still is a massive fan…I constantly watched YouTube videos and old tapes of MJ when I was a kid, I loved it! Human Nature is one of my favourite songs by him. ‘Stay’ by Rihanna is such a simple song and yet so moving. I love the melody and lyrics.

Well, you did a great job! Would you ever consider covering a Bananarama song? If so, any idea which one?

I love ‘Cruel Summer’ cause it has such a cool vibe and I like how unique it is with the marimba sounds. The dungarees and New York backdrop for the video are also great! An artist called ‘Uffie’ who I used to listen to when I was a teenager sampled it in one of her songs and it just sounded so cool.

Awesome! You must know that you will probably get a lot of Bananarama fans (including a lot of gay men) checking out your music. How does feel having them along for the ride?

My mum’s fan base are great because they are so loyal and it’s a privilege to have so many people, regardless whether they are gay or not, checking out my music.

Alice with Bananarama (Keren and Sara)

Both Keren and Sara have said in interviews before that you were a great singer. Did they encourage you to be a singer/songwriter?

It’s so lovely of them to sing my praises constantly! I’ve always wanted to sing, I used to write songs when I was 11 years old with my dad (and still do!) and performed at school singing concerts so it has always been my dream. I did the whole university experience and when I finished last year I decided I wanted to focus primarily on music. Having always been surrounded by music, it is an integral part of my life. It’s so great to have my whole family and friends on board supporting and encouraging me to do it.

Speaking of Bassey, it would be great to hear some songs that you wrote with him. Would you put them up on SoundCloud? Or release them?

I would have to dig out the songs I did when I was 11. But my dad has helped me with the current songs I’ve been working on with Joey Mccrilley and Rob Tanzy so you will hear them soon enough!

Bassey and Alice

I'm sure they'll be great. Besides Poptastic Confessions, how can your new fans keep track of you? Is there a website or an Artist Facebook page that you will have soon?

I mostly use SoundCloud and my Twitter account to showcase my music but now you’ve mentioned it I will definitely get an Artist Facebook page up and running! It will be under the name of ‘Alice D.’

Thank you for the interview, Alice D! Was this your first one?

Sure was! Thank you, Dave!

Hooray! I wish you all the success in your music career!

Aw thank you for your support; I can’t wait for y’all to hear my new stuff!


If you missed the Alice EP, head over to iTunes today and buy it! Don't delay ... Do it today!

Cheers then,

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