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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Come Alive by Paris Hilton

Dear Poptastic Readers,

I'll probably get a lot of grief for this, but Paris Hilton has a new song out called "Come Alive" and it's not bad. And I like it!

Paris actually has a co-writing credit on this song, too. While I think the song is decent, I wish it had more of a melody and a hook. But other than that, it's better than you'd expect.

And the video ... well, Paris looks flawless. And you gotta love any video with a fairy, rainbow and unicorn. Yep! They are all there. Plus, plenty of wigs! Have a look ...

Now, I've actually somewhat liked Paris's singing career. I didn't like her more urban tracks, but I quite liked "Stars Are Blind" and "Nothing In This World" from her debut album. The latter actually made my Top 20 countdown of 2006 when it landed at #14.

I realize that Paris isn't everyone's cup of tea. But at least she's trying to do something creative. I hope she continues with more pop tracks.

"Come Alive" is available on digital outlets. 

Cheers then,

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