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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Other Boys by NERVO featuring Kylie Minogue, Jake Shears and Nile Rodgers

Dear Poptastic Readers,

For someone who doesn't have an album out this year, Kylie Minogue sure is churning out the singles this year. And her latest is with NERVO, Jake Shears and Nile Rodgers. The song is called "The Other Boys" and you are going to love it!

Who are the other people? Let's explore. NERVO are set of twins from Australia (no, not Say Lou Lou) named Miriam and Olivia Nervo, thus their last name is the name of their duo act. Jake Shears you might recognize as the lead singer for Scissor Sisters. And legendary Nile Rodgers gave an amazing legacy with Chic, as well as writing some of the best songs ever. Most recently, he teamed up with Duran Duran.

Ok, enough about who's who. You want to hear the song, don't you? Well, better yet ... hear the song and watch the video here. Enjoy!~

Wasn't that awesome? Yes, it was!

"The Other Boys" is available on digital outlets everywhere. Purchase your copy today! It even comes with a remix EP!

Cheers then,

P.S. See Kylie's other singles this year ...

"Right Here, Right Now"
"Absolutely Anything And Anything At All"
"Black And White"

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