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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Super by Pet Shop Boys

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Our contributor Nick has reviewed the Pet Shop Boys new album Super! Here is Nick ...

To start myself off on a note that will piss off Pet Shop Boys fans worldwide... the last PSB album I really connected with was Introspective... *ducks the rotten fruit*, so when I discovered that tune I really liked on BBC Radio 6 was "Inner Sanctum" by them my ears pricked up and I paid attention. 

"Inner Sanctum" sounded to me like an epic pop act taking Energy 52's Cafe Del Mar and made it their own.... 'I LIKE! I wonder what else they're doing'... Then I found out that their 13th studio album Super was being released on white vinyl, I called to get it on the way home.... The shallow being that I am. 

So the music ... it's witty pop music over a modern sounding take on 90s dance music. The single "The Pop Kids" is a beautiful tribute to loving pop music in the same vein as Saint Ettienne's "Words and Music" (a compliment), which sweeps you up in its joy and then devastates you with a deadpan 'I loved you'.... LOVED? I was happy and now I don't know what I think.... #popskillz 
"Happiness" and "Burn" are my other personal highlights with the latter sounding a bit like Spagna's "Call Me" (a compliment). 

The only thing that really makes me cringe is the use of the word 'groovy' in the track "Groovy".... It's a shit word which shouldn't be encouraged. 
The happy and witty pop vibe continues throughout, reaching a pantomime apex (a compliment) with "The Dictator Decides", and what I interpret as them singing about a dictator losing faith in their existence... (I could be wrong though, it could be about tv talent shows, not a compliment).

Should you buy this? Do you like pop music? Yes? Then yes. 

I'm not awarding a mark out of something, but I will say that this album completes a holy trinity for producer, Stuart Price... Confessions On A Dancefloor>Aphrodite>Super.... And one day I wish to listen to them all as a continuous mix.... On coloured vinyl.

Now excuse my whilst I add their vinyl back catalogue to my eBay wish list (donations accepted).

— Nick
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And now for a second opinion from me, Davearama. I absolutely loved their last album Electric and if you click on the title, you can read my review there. And I have loved various albums over the years.

My favourite tracks on Super are "The Pop Kids", "Happiness", "Groovy", "Undertow", "Say It To Me" and the melancholy "Sad Robot World."

It's a wonderful album. It's Super! Don't delay! Go buy it today!

Cheers then,

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