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Monday, March 12, 2018

Stop Me From Falling & Raining Glitter by Kylie Minogue

Dear Poptastic Readers,

On Friday, Kylie Minogue dropped her official second single from her country-pop album Golden. The new song is called "Stop Me From Falling."

However, before we get to the new single, we also want to point out that she released a promotional single called "Raining Glitter" and it is fabulous. Listen to it by clicking on the name of the song.

Just like her previous song "Dancing", the new single "Stop Me From Falling" has the same country vibe to it. It sounds very influenced by Dolly Parton, which is a great thing. We do think this song is perhaps more pop than country. 

March 30 UPDATE: Kylie dropped the video for the song yesterday. It was filmed in London at a small gig that she did. We just happen to know a few people in the crowd! Check it out ...

It is a toe tapper for sure! "Stop Me From Falling" is available on digital outlets everywhere. We've added it as well as "Raining Glitter" to our 2018 Poptastic Confessions Playlist on Spotify. You'll also hear "Dancing" there. Enjoy!~

Cheers then,
—Davearama and the Poptastic Confessions Collective

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