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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Where Is Love by Mel & Kim

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Last month, a new song and single was released from the late-80s UK sister duo Mel & Kim. The new song is "Where Is Love." The news of this song came as a surprise as Mel died in 1990.

Mel & Kim are best known for their Stock, Aitken, Waterman–written and produced track called "Respectable." It was a UK #1 hit as well as many other countries in 1987. Their debut album F.L.M. also featured 3 more UK top ten hits like "Showing Out (Get Fresh For The Weekend)", "F.L.M.", and "That's The Way It Is."

Mel had been battling cancer and died of pneumonia in January of 1990. Her sister Kim continued on with a solo career in the early 90s. Her biggest hit was "Don't Worry."

So in the beginning of this year, we heard that there would be a new Mel & Kim song out this year. "Where Is Love" is a previously unreleased demo track that got an overhaul. It came with a nice remix package, too. Here is snippet of the 7th Heaven Club Mix ...

We've gone ahead and added the US Radio Version to our 2018 Poptastic Confessions Playlist on Spotify. Enjoy!~

Cheers then,


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