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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Nunca Nadie Pudo Volar by La Casa Azul

Dear Poptastic Readers,

The Spanish artist La Casa Azul has just released their new single: “Nunca Nadie Pudo Volar” (Nobody Could Ever Fly). It’s the fourth single from their long-awaited fifth album La Gran Esfera (The Big Sphere).

La Casa Azul is the stage name of producer Guille Milkyway. When he started his career, he was too shy to be front man and instead had 5 teenagers acting as the band. It wasn’t a Milli Vanilli situation, though, as it was announced from the start that it was Guille singing and playing the songs. With every release, Guille became more confident and the kids were dumped occasionally.

Guille Milkyway

Most of his back catalogue had a very strong 60s or 70s influence, and only for this new album he began trying on more current sounds. In this new single, you can feel the disco influence, but it does sound like a modern song. The lyrics in Spanish are about a boy who always wanted to fly but others wouldn’t let him. The metaphor becomes cleared in the video, as it shows a gay boy who is prevented from living his live the way he wants it, until he has to run away so he can do it. It’s a bit sad how a long time passed since Bronski Beat had a music video with almost the same storyline, but it still feels current. Check out the video here …

The new album by La Casa Azul, La Gran Esfera, still has no release date, but we hope it’s really soon, as this single left us wanting more! We’ve added “Nunca Nadie Pudo Volar” to our 2018 Poptastic Confessions Playlist on Spotify. Check it out!

Shine on,

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