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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Singles 1 by Parralox

Dear Poptastic Readers,

It just dawned on us that we hadn't featured our favourite Australian synthpop group Parralox in Poptastic Confessions this year! Do'h! Their last single was "Paradise" in November of last year. Well, in June they released their first compilation called Singles1
, which of course features their first 10 singles.

Because we love Parralox so much, we are going to give you a track-by-track review for your reading pleasure. Woo!

1. "Sharper Than A Knife" is the 2009 original version of the song sung by the original Parralox singer Roxy. It is an amazing pop song. We never tire of hearing it. It has a great melody and the lyrics are fab, too. It is absolutely one of our favourites. It should be one of yours, too! This is the only song on the album with Roxy.

2. "Hotter" was the first single with the singer Amii. When we interviewed John of Parralox in 2015, he told us about writing the lyrics to this one: 

But yes, the lyrics are total tongue in cheek. I was doing a lot of internet dating back in those days and found it so shallow how people judged a person on just a thumbnail photo. That someone’s whole life experience and value would be judged by a 100 pixel photo is ridiculous. I guess it’s a commentary on the sometimes shallow nature of humans, and the fact that we could miss the opportunity to meet our soul-mate all because they were wearing the wrong clothes that day in the photo, or their hair was parted on the wrong side etc.

Isn't that the truth! Check out the music video ...

3. "I Am Human" is an emotional pop song. It starts off sounding like a ballad, and then it builds up to a glorious chorus, and unfolds into a steady mid-tempo number. While there is no music video, you can listen here ...

4. "Isn't It Strange" has a bit of an industrial pop sound. What a great chorus! It will having you singing along in no time.The black and white video is very sleek, just have a look ...

5. "Supermagic" is one of our absolute favourites! We love this song so much. It has a great beat, catchy melody and a chorus you will sing for days. Plus, it will have you dancing around in no time. Check out the luscious music video ...

6. "I Sing The Body Electric" is another fabulous song. Imagine Depeche Mode with a female singer. We might sound like a broken record at this point saying how wonderful another track is, but it is. The music video is very mysterious. Some of the scenes were filmed out the legendary Hanging Rock. Have a look ...

7. "Creep" is the first of the next four covers. This is not the TLC song, but the Radiohead song. This did really well on the US Billboard Dance Charts. It is quite the cover as the original is sung by a male, so Amii's vocals are a fun twist, plus the electropop music makes this really cool. Here's the music video ...

8. "Sharper Than A Knife" (2012). Yes, this is a cover of the original Parralox song. This time, Amii is on lead vocals instead of Roxy. 
The music has been remixed. 
Best of all, there is a great music video for it, which you watch below. 

There is one of the best-ever lyric videos set to the Pete Hammond Mix that you won't want to miss ...

9. "Enjoy The Silence" is a remake of the Depeche Mode classic. This was the first Parralox single with John on lead vocals. It is a pretty faithful cover and John sounds great on vocals. Check it out ...

10. "Silent Morning" featuring Ryan Adam├ęs is the last of the tracks. This is a remake of a 1988 freestyle tune by Noel. Parralox keeps the freestyle and brings it to a new level making it a duet. This would also be the last Parralox song to feature Amii. The music video was filmed in Miami, and they all three look hot! 

There is also an astonishing lyric music video. Have a look ...

That concludes the track listing of Singles1. We hope that makes you want to love Parralox as much as we do. The album is available on digital outlets everywhere. Buy your copy today. You can also listen to the album here ...

Cheers then,


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