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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Our 8th Anniversary!

Dear Poptastic Readers,

It’s our 8th Anniversary! Hooray! If you have been with us for the whole 8 years, we thank you tremendously! If you are new to the blog, we encourage you to explore the past 8 years using the Blog Archive Directory on the right. Welcome to Poptastic Confessions!

Our Mission
We highlight all types of music that might not be heard by the masses. We feature a lot of indie artists, as well as artists from various countries, or artists that might have been more popular in the 80s, 90s, and/or 00s. We like a lot of different types of music, too. Our goal is share with you to these songs and encourage you to legally purchase the music. That way, the artists (many of them self-financed) can make a profit so that they can continue making music.

Our History
When we started 8 years ago in 2011, the blog was called Davearama’s Guide to Poptastic Music. Davearama was the sole blogger and he didn’t really like the name or the focus on him. In 2012, he changed the name to be Poptastic Confessions. “Sometimes, admitting that you like pop music can be somewhat of a confession,” Davearama said. In 2016, he opened the blog to more contributors to expand the music selection.

Our Interviews
We used to do more interviews, but that sort of went away. Last year, we said we would bring them back, and we didn’t. Sorry. We’ve been working on one that we’d like to do so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can check out the following interviews …

Annikafiore formerly of Alcazar

Ani Saunders (AKA Ani Glass) formerly of The Pipettes

Gwenno formerly of The Pipettes

*Interviews that Davearama did before the blog.

Our Year-end Countdown
At the end of every year, we do a countdown of our top songs of the year. We used to do just a top 20, but the last 2 years we have featured the top 100 songs of the year. We compile the songs at the end of November, and we spend most of December counting down the songs until we get to our #1 song of the year on New Year’s Eve. A lot of work goes in to it. However, we have the most visitors during the month of December. Check out the past countdowns … 

We have Spotify playlists for all the years we’ve been around. Sometimes, songs aren’t on Spotify, so not every song is there. Click on the years to listen to the playlists: 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, and 2010.

Davearama has represented Poptastic Confessions on a few radio interviews with John and Costa on the Neon Nights show on Joy 94.9, Australia's LGBTQ radio station. All of the shows were about Bananarama, but we are hoping to be guests on more shows in the future. You can hear the podcasts on Spotify! Here is the one from 2018, and the others earlier this year.

Our Inspirations
Many music artists inspire us. Bananarama made their way in a male-dominated music industry and always followed their gut. Jody Watley followed her own path and stayed true to herself. Annikafiore showed us how to be a indie disco diva on your own terms. Gwenno and Ani may have captured our hearts in The Pipettes, but they opened our minds and ears to music sung in Welsh and Cornish. John from Parralox inspired us to follow our dreams, to make them happen. A very special thank you to Annikafiore and Arturo, who encouraged Davearama when he told them he wanted to start a music blog. Check out our very first post about Preaching To The Choir by Annikafiore.

Our Legacy
We hope that our legacy is that we’ve been able to share new music with you that becomes the soundtrack to your life. We’ve made friends through Poptastic Confessions, whether it be with the artists, or fans. Here's a fun fact: the deep-house duo Glass Slipper formed because of Poptastic Confessions. We are very proud of that fact!

Thank You
A big thank you for visiting Poptastic Confessions! If you have liked/loved our posts, we love you. If you have shared our posts, we love you even more.

Cheers then,
—The Poptastic Confesssions Collective

P.S. We get most of our visitors from links on social media. We have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Please make sure that you follow us on all 3 platforms! We could definitely use more followers on Instagram and Twitter. Hint, hint! 

Poptastic Confessions
Poptastic Confessions 7th Anniversary

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