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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Heartbreak Dream by Betty Who

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Another song that I forgot to feature this spring was "Heartbreak Dream" by Betty Who.

Betty's new song is upbeat, even though the lyrics are a bit melancholy. The melody is great. And it is one of those songs that you put on a playlist and it grows and grows on you. 

The video is a live performance of Betty and gang jumping around and having lots of fun mixed with some more personal scenes. Check it out …

"Heatbreak Dream" can be found on Betty Who's Slow Dancing EP. Available on most digital outlets, including iTunes. If you missed this song earlier this year, don't worry. It will be great addition to your summer playlist.

Now you might remember Betty Who's breakout hit last year called "Somebody Loves You." We featured the song back in February of 2013. Click on the song to see what we said about it. It also came in at #24 in our year-end countdown.

Cheers then,

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