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Monday, June 30, 2014

What Are You Waiting For? by The Saturdays

Dear Poptastic Readers,

The Saturdays are back with a stomper called "What Are You Waiting For?" It is a summer party anthem! Unfortunately, it won't be available for purchase until August 10. Ugh!

The song is the lead single from their Greatest Hits album coming later this year. I'm not sure about the single cover, when I first saw it ... I thought it was fake, like a fan had done it. It's a bit weird that three of them are looking off to the side, and it's weird that they are not all the same proportion.

The video was filmed in Greece, and it is absolutely beautiful. And speaking of beautiful, The Saturdays look stunning as ever. You must admit, they are very pretty. As well as being great singers.

This new party dance track is fun. I'm not sure yet if I prefer it to their single "Not Giving Up," which was out earlier this year. You'll have to wait for my year-end countdown for that!

Until then ... enjoy The Saturdays!

Cheers then,

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