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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Slow Dance by Shalamar

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Jody Watley is back again, but this time with her group Shalamar! They have a new song is called "Slow Dance." And you are going to love it!

Shalamar are Nate, Jody and Rosero

Who is Shalamar? Here is my overview: Shalamar was created in the late 70s by the people behind the TV show Soul Train. Their biggest hits were "Second Time Around" in 1979, "This Is For The Lover In You" in 1981, "A Night To Remember" in 1982 and "Dead Giveaway" in 1983.

Jody's last album with Shalamar in 1983

Jody was in the group until 1983. She left the group because of internal issues. There is a great YouTube series where Jody talks about what really happened in Shalamar. It is very interesting, start watching Part One of Eight here.

After Shalamar, Jody went on to be a solo star. And no doubt, you've read about my love for her as she has been one of my favourite musical artists in my lifetime. Her song "Nightlife" was Poptastic Confessions' #1 song of 2013. And I had the joy of meeting Jody in 2014.

Davearama and Jody Watley

So why is Jody back with Shalamar? Well, after Jody quit the group, they continued making music with another female singer until around 1990. Since then, the band would tour now and then and often times using group photos from when Jody was in the group. And sometimes, they even used her name. Jody's lawyers asked them to stop using Jody's name and photos of her to promote themselves. But it didn't stop. At the same time, it was discovered that the name Shalamar wasn't currently trademarked. So Jody was able to get the ownership of the trademark to the brand name that she helped founded.

Photography: Viktorija Paschua. Styling Jody Watley and Jessie J Collections.
Makeup and Hair: Tres' Major Graphic Design: Ray Easmon

Jody enlisted singers Nate Allen Smith and Rosero McCoy to be a part of the reloaded Shalamar. They've been touring all year, and finally have a record to put out. That brings us to "Slow Dance." Have a listen ...

Wasn't that lovely? I think so! "Slow Dance" is available on iTunes and other digital outlets. Support the artists! Legally buy the track.

Cheers then,

P.S. Get up-to-date information by liking Shalamar's Facebook page. Also like Jody Watley's Facebook page while you're at it!

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  1. Hi Dave! I've been a fan of Miss Watley since 1986, and actually before that with Shalamar, she is such a sweetheart! And I will here and now shamelessly confess to my teenage-girl crush on Nate! Hope they come to Boston VERY soon!!!