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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Surgery for Kate — Please Donate!

Dear Poptastic Readers,

My friend Kate is in desperate need for a surgery that, unfortunately, she needs to raise funds for. I've know Kate for many years because of our love for Bananarama. She lives in the UK and she's filmed Bananarama live in concerts and put the videos on her YouTube account so that fans from around the world could see. For that, I am so grateful.

Kate Way

Kate needs to go to Germany to have a surgery to help repair her adhesions that cause her so much pain. I will let Kate explain it better than I can. To learn more about this awful disorder, visit her site at thisiskateway.com and her gofundme page here. If you can't donate, you can share this with your friends. But every dollar helps! Below is Kate in her own words.

Hello! I'm Kate. I'm 38 and I live in London. 

I am suffering from severe abdominal adhesions and am raising the money I need to have surgery with a specialist to help cure me of my pain.

Adhesions are bands of scar tissue that can form inside the body binding internal organs together, stopping them from working properly and causing severe pain. My adhesions formed after I had emergency surgery seven years ago. All of my organs are now stuck together as if a tube of glue has been poured inside and can no longer function properly. I can no longer digest food as my insides are permanently obstructed and am in pain all of the time. Every movement causes pain as my insides cannot move around properly. Normally internal organs have slippery surfaces so they can move around easily. Mine are firmly stuck together and frozen with adhesions and cannot do this. Every day I suffer constant pain that feels like my insides are ripping and burning along with stabbing pains, nausea, vomiting, migraines, bloating and constant bowel issues. I have been hospitalised many times as I cannot control the pain that this condition causes me. 

Before I developed this condition I had an active life. I was studying at music school, was DJing at many clubs and events, working at other shows and on various other music related projects. These things were my life and I worked extremely hard at them. I can no longer manage to do these things and am in bed a lot of the time with the pain caused by adhesions.

So I need your help. Asking for help is something I find SO difficult to do! But I now have no choice so I have to go for it.

Because of the severity of my condition and the risks involved no surgeon in the UK will agree to perform surgery to remove my adhesions and there is currently NO hope for my recovery.

However - there is a surgeon in Germany who has agreed to remove my adhesions using a specialist technique and rid me of the pain that they cause me. He has been very successful at treating this condition and has helped many other patients.

*Because my condition is so severe I will require more than one surgery to remove my adhesions and then remove my ovaries and other parts of me that have been damaged by the adhesions and are no longer functioning and that is why the cost is so high *

I realise that this is a huge amount of money to ask for but I feel that time is running out for me and this is my last chance of having my life back. 

Once I reach the half way mark with donations I can start planning the first part of my trip. 

One of my personal goals is to be able to eat normal food again and maybe even eat a meal with my family and friends. I am also desperate to get back to my music. To do this I need your help!

You can find more information about adhesions and about me at my website www.thisiskateway.com

Thank You. xx

Please help Kate by donating or sharing this post on Facebook or Twitter.

Kind regards,

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