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Friday, January 8, 2016

An Evening with Disco Attacks by Raoni

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Happy Friday! Here is something for the weekend! 

I'm so happy to report that my dear friend, Raoni (from Brazil), has agreed to be a contributor to Poptastic Confessions! Hooray! Raoni and I became friends many years ago through our mutual love of Alcazar. And we found we had lots of favorite artists in common.

Raoni and Kylie Minogue

Raoni has great taste in music! He is responsible for introducing me to Rebecca & Fiona as well as Annie's A&R EP as well as many others. He even has his own blog called Disco Attacks! Although he mentioned to me he doesn't post often. And when he does, it is written in Portuguese. However, Google translate is wonderful for that!

Rao shared with me his first-ever mixtape on SoundCloud. And I think it is fabulous! It's almost 40-minutes of wonderful songs! You're going to love it! Just hit play ...

Are you curious as to what the songs are? Here is the list ...

1. Alcazar - RendezVous <— Annikafiore on lead vocals!
2. Vinnie Who - Remedy
3. Dalida - Problemorama
4. Cornélius - Se Você Quiser Transar Comigo
5. Acuario - Rema, Rema, Marinero
6. Dudu França - Grilo na Cuca
7. Charo and The Salsoul Orchestra - Dance A Little Bit Closer
8. Ivan - Fotonovela
9. Fun Fun - Color My Love
10. Midnight Boy - Don't Say No

Have a great weekend! We will be back next week with our 2016 Pop Music Forecast! You won't want to miss it!

Cheers then,
—Davearama and Raoni

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