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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2016 Pop Music Forecast Part 1

Dear Poptastic Readers,

It's that time again when we predict some of the pop music that is coming our way this year. This year, I've asked some of our new writers to help out with the predictions. Each writer will have a certain color font so you know who is writing. Here is the key ...

Raoni = Purple
Nick = Blue
Davearama = Green
Ally = Red (in Part 2)

Because we have so many artists between the four of us, this will be in a few parts. Here is Part 1. Let's start with some of Poptastic Confessions favourites ...

Annie may have had our #1 song of last year, but we aren't sure she will put out another EP or album this year. Of course we would love it if she would. We'll have to wait and see.

Could Ace Of Base release another Hidden Gems album? They certainly have enough demos out there to make a new compilation. Bring it on!

Parralox is starting the year of with the release of "Wildlife." You may remember that Poptatic Confessions jumped ahead and made this our #3 song of 2015. But I think they have an album tentatively called Subculture coming soon. Can't wait! Of course, I would be very happy if the next single after "Wildlife" would be a double A-side of "Rocket Science" and "I Don't Depend On You."

Ani Glass said she is working on a full album. Hooray! More singles, please! 

Little Boots ... could there be any more singles from her album Working Girl? We just have to wait and see.

Now as for Kylie ... 

Raoni: Kylie has said in numerous interviews that she’s returning to pop music this year. Judging from what she has also said about Kiss Me Once (even she thought it was a weak record!) I think we can expect something more similar to Aphrodite and the Kylie + Garibay EP, which can only be a good thing!

Nick: I think Kylie buzz single in April ... We all love it, nobody notices ... Heathens!

A full Kylie album in September without the buzz single on it.... BUT a deluxe edition with the buzz single AND all the other recent EPs and odd tracks packaged up for us (and a pretty vinyl bundle thanks). Features a new Dannii duet a la Gaga/Beyonce's "Telephone." And Anti Tour 2 a because I'm greedy!

Davearama: Perhaps that Kylie's sister Dannii will finally release a proper single and album.

Dannii will release an album, obviously not as good as Kylie's but still a worthy entry into her unjustly blanked back catalogue. Features a duet with Kylie a la Beyoncé/Gaga's "Video Phone."

Haha! I love Dannii!

How about Alcazar, Raoni? Will they ever give us a follow-up to their 2009 Disco Defenders album?

I’m a huge fan of Swedish pop group Alcazar, but I am not too excited about them in 2016. I was kinda wishing they would participate in Melodifestivalen cause that seems to be the one of the only ways for them to release new music lately, but they won’t be on it. So I really don’t know what they’ll be doing this year other than taking their concert Disco Defenders (which was a really big hit, but unfortunately kept them only to the Swedish public) to a lot of cities in Sweden.

Well, I just hope 2016 is the return of our favourite redhead Annikafiore. The world misses her! I know I do!

Shalamar will hopefully release their next single ... Hopefully something a bit more funky! Jody Watley is currently promoting her single "Dancer" so go buy it if you haven't yet!

And last for now, but certainly not least ... Glass Slipper ... the group that met because of Poptastic Confessions has a single coming out soon. In the meantime, check out their song "Land of Milk & Honey."

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Cheers then,

—Davearama, Raoni, Nick and Ally (in Part 2)

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