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Saturday, December 31, 2016

#1 of 2016

Dear Poptastic Readers,

#1 in our Top 100 Songs of 2016 is “The Mood” by Jody Watley featuring SRL (aka Shalamar Reloaded). Click on the name of the song to see what we first wrote about it.

This is the first #1 for Jody featuring SRL. However, Jody Watley had our #1 spot in 2013 with her song “Nightlife.” Shalamar Reloaded is the group that Jody formed to celebrate her past as a member of Shalamar, but also to create something new and fresh with singers Nate and Rosero. Together, the three of them did just that! They have since shortened the name to SRL.

You might remember that SRL were on our 2015 countdown when their song “SlowDance” came in at #18. Their other single this year was “O.R.I.G.In.A.L” and it came in at #25 on our countdown.

“The Mood” is an amazing RnB song with a feel-good chorus. We were lucky enough to see Jody Watley & SRL live this year at Yoshi’s in Oakland. A highlight of the setlist was when they performed this song. The glorious video was filmed in Hawaii, and sadly it has been taken down from YouTube. Here is a live performance ...

“The Mood” is available on digital outlets everywhere. Support the artist by downloading your copy today.

Listen to “The Mood” on our 2016 Poptastic Confessions Playlist on Spotify.

We are eagerly awaiting their album Bridges slated for release in 2017. In the meantime, you can keep up with the latest on Shalamar Reloaded, like their official Facebook page. And while you are at it please like Poptastic Confessions Facebook page!

We also wanted to thank you for visiting our blog during the countdown. A special thanks to those who "liked" our Facebook posts, tweets on Twitter, and photos on Instagram. A super special thanks to anyone who shared or retweeted and of the links.

Wishing you all a very safe and happy new year!

Cheers then,
—The Poptastic Confessions Collective

P.S. A lot of people talk about 2016 as a tough year, and it was for many, many reasons. However, the music in 2016 was wonderful. We had about 40 songs that we wanted to squeeze in our Top 20 list, so it wasn't an easy list this year. We hope you enjoyed our annual countdown of our favourite songs. The songs are the soundtrack of our lives, through good times and bad. May we cherish the happy moments we have, and think of them when we hear these songs in the years to come.

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