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Friday, August 3, 2018

Breaking News: Annikafiore and Magnus Reunite with Alcazar!

Dear Poptastic Readers,

We have some exciting news to report! Annikafiore and Magnus have renunited with Alcazar for a one-time performance this weekend at Europride. HOORAY!

Now, if you aren't clear about the history of Alcazar, click there to read our 2012 piece on this history of the group. 

Here's a quick recap: 

  • Alcazar was originally Andreas, Tess, and Annikafiore. 
  • They added Magnus for the second album. 
  • Annikafiore broke her ankle on the set of "Start The Fire." Andreas, Tess, and Magnus finished the video without her and did a summer tour without her in 2005. This week, it was revealed that Annikafiore was fired.
  • The group took a break and came back in 2007 without Annikafiore and Magnus. 
  • Lina was new member. Alcazar had been Andreas, Tess, and Lina ever since.

Alcazar is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. Back in February, they released the single "In The Name Of Love." There is a new book coming out about the group that all 5 members have participated in. We hope there is an English-language version!

Lina, Andreas, Annikafiore, Magnus, and Tess
Photoshop by Ifigeneia

So the reunion with Annikafiore and Magnus will be the first time that all 5 members of Alcazar have shared the stage together. Aftonbladet is reporting that if it all goes well, Annikafiore and Magnus could join them on more tour dates this fall. They also have photos of the first meeting with all 5. Stay tuned!

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