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Friday, June 17, 2016

The Return of Real McCoy

Dear Poptastic Readers,

The 90s Eurodance group Real McCoy are heading for a comeback this year. And it looks to be epic!

Funnily enough, three years ago today, I published my interview with former Real McCoy singer Lisa Cork-Twiss for Poptastic Confessions. I also did a history of Real McCoy before the interview. So if you haven't read that, click on the link and do that now!

In 1997, Real McCoy was Lisa, O-Jay, and Vanessa.

Before singers Lisa and Vanessa joined the group, Real McCoy was sort of like Milli Vanilli. The woman in the videos (Patsy) was the not the woman actually singing (Karin). However, Patsy did actually sing on some of the early songs. It's just that Karin sang all of the vocals on their smash album Another Night. Read all about it in the links above!

Real McCoy in 2016: O-Jay and Karin

And now it looks like Real McCoy is back. And this time, with Karin! So fans are excited that Karin (who provided the vocals for the group's biggest hits) is actually in the group now. 

So nice to see Karin after all of these years!

We're not sure when the new music will premiere, but we suspect this fall. There is a teaser video of Karin announcing their participation at the Love Message Festival in August. Check it out ...

Isn't she super cute?

Until then, DJ Crayfish has put together a 2016 Video Megamix! Check it out ...

Wasn't that FAB? For the latest Real McCoy news, check out their Facebook page. And former singer Lisa has in a group called Glass Slipper. You can like them on Facebook, too! 

Cheers then,

P.S. Check out some Glass Slipper's best songs ...

"Surge"Poptastic Confessions #4 hit of 2014

"Universal Love Vibe"Poptastic Confessions #14 hit of 2014

"Hangin' On A String"Poptastic Confessions #20 hit of 2015

And in 2016 ...

"Land Of Milk & Honey"


"Up On The Floor"

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