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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Wasn't My Fault by Christie and The Dream Beats

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Dream Beats is back with new song with a singer named Christie (more on her later). The song is called "Wasn't My Fault" and it is a bit of a pop-rock affair with a catchy chorus. Apparently it was released back in March, but sometimes we are little late to the party. Better late than never.

Now if you have been reading Poptastic Confessions over the last five years, then you might remember that Dream Beats has had some amazing songs over the years. Remember these fantastic songs?

"Feel 4 U" by Dream Beats featuring Alcazar 

"Love Stuck" by Dream Beats featuring The Face 
(Singer Francine would go on to have 
the #2 song with Parralox in 2014.)
(Take notice of the blonde singer)

"Beneath The Lights" by Dream Beats + Molly

So we haven't heard from Dream Beats in three years. So it is nice to have them back. But in a way, Christie is back, too! What? Who is Christie? She was the blonde singer in the short-lived group The Face on the song "Love Stuck." So welcome back, Christie!

Singer Christie Prentice

The song is catchy. However, I must confess ... I really hate when people say it isn't their fault, when clearly it is. And that is sort of the theme of the song. Oh well. Having said that, I still like the song. Check out the fab video ...

That was fun! "Wasn't My Fault" is available on digital outlets everywhere. Go buy it today. There is even a lovely acoustic number available

To keep up on the latest with Dream Beats, like their Facebook page. And to keep up with the latest with Christie, like her Facebook page.

Cheers then,

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