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Monday, July 3, 2017

Belated tidbits about the 2016 countdown

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Usually every January, we have a recap of the year-end countdown of the previous year. However, this year we didn't do it as we were too depressed about the presidential outcome of the United States. This week while we were blogging about our Spotify playlists, we noticed that we never made a cover for our 2016 countdown, and that reminded us we didn't do the Tidbits post. So now that it is July, here are some tidbits about the 2016 countdown ...

1. "The Mood" by Shalamar Reloaded
2. "U-Turn" by Tegan & Sara
3. "Rollercoaster" by Dolly Style
4. "Up On The Floor" by Glass Slipper
5. "New Friends" by RABBII
6. "Fever" by Roosevelt
7. "The Pop Kids" by Pet Shop Boys
8. "One Strike" by All Saints
9. "Shotgun" by Rebecca & Fiona
10. "Labyrinth" by Tuff City Kids featuring Annie
11. "Only You" by Alice D
12. "Young & Restless" by Dolly Style
13. "Stop Desire" by Tegan & Sara
14. "In The Morning" by Sannie
15. "One Woman Man" by All Saints
16. "Wasn't My Fault" by Christie and the Dream Beats
17. "Unicorns & Ice Cream" by Dolly Style
18. "Drugstore Lovin" by Rebecca & Fiona
19. "Strip" by Clara Mae
20. "What's It Gonna Be" by Shura

And the bonus track ...
21. "Y Ddawns" by Ani Glass

Newcomers Dolly Style had the most songs on our countdown with three entries: "Rollercoaster" at #3, "Young & Restless" at #12, and "Unicorns & Ice Cream" at #17.

Tegan & Sara, All Saints, and Rebecca & Fiona had two entries each.

New to our countdown this year were Tegan & Sara, Dolly Style, Roosevelt, Tuff City Kids, Clara Mae, and Shura.

Sannie has been on our countdown before under the name Whigfield in 2012 with her song "4ever" at #4. And both Christie and the Dream Beats were on our countdown in 2012 with "Love Stuck" at #9.

A couple of artists on our countdown are second-timers: Shalamar Reloaded, RABBII, All Saints, Alice D, Sannie, and Christie.

A special shoutout to artist who have been regulars on our countdowns over the years: Jody Watley, Glass Slipper, Pet Shop Boys, Rebecca & Fiona, and Annie.

Shalamar Reloaded was on the countdown in 2015 with "SlowDance" and 2016's "The Mood" was their first time at #1. However, Jody Watley had our 2013 #1 song with "Nightlife."

For the second year in a row, Shalamar Reloaded also had the most views. Jody Watley has been a big supporter of Poptastic Confessions over the years. She shares our posts on her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as on her website. Because she does this, her fans pour in to visit the site. And we are very grateful for the support. We are seeing Shalamar Reloaded on July 8th and we can't wait!

Newcomer Clara Mae from Sweden takes the runner-up position for the second-most views for "Strip" at #19.

And indie-darling Alice D had the third-most views with "Only You" at #11.

If you would like to listen to our 2016 countdown, click here for the Spotify playlist. However, it isn't complete as not every song is on Spotify.

We are half way through 2017, and we have featured many songs this year so far. You can listen to our 2017 Spotify playlist to see which songs are your favourites. And in December, we'll do the countdown again.

Thanks for supporting Poptastic Confessions and all of the featured artists!

Cheers then,

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