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Thursday, December 10, 2015

2015 Countdown ... #100 through #22

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Welcome to our Top 100 Songs of 2015! Click on the song title to hear the song and see what Poptastic Confessions first had to say about it (if we did). Enjoy!~

100. “Drive Me Crazy” by Dan Mela & Lady Blacktronica

99. “Bitch, I’m Madonna” by Madonna

98. “Change The Skyline” by Duran Duran

97. “This Is The Life” by Go!Go!Go!

96. “Stayed A Little Late Tonight” by Erasure

95. “Yes” by Jay Huffman

94. “Pole Position” by Ace Of Base

93. “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” by Parralox

92. “The First Noel” by The Lovely Wars

91. “No Pressure” by Little Boots

90. “Be The One” by Erasure

89. “Sunset Garage” by Duran Duran

88. “Zero” by Parralox

87. “Hold Tight” by Madonna

86. “No Good Lover” by Ace Of Base

85. “The Universe Alone” by Duran Duran

84. “Little Drum Machine Boy” by Parralox

83. “Glitter” by Say Lou Lou

82. “Taste It” by Little Boots

81. “Planet Roaring” by Duran Duran

80. “Mercy Mercy” by Ace Of Base

79. “Wrong Or Right” by Parralox

78. “Dead Of Night” by Erasure

77. "Så Skimrande Var Aldrig Havet" by Jenny Berggren

76. “Brerklin” by Jay Huffman

75. “Only In Dreams” by Duran Duran

74. “The Path Of Least Resistance” by Parralox

73. “Invincible” by Run DMC featuring Bananarama

72. “Working Girl” by Little Boots

71. “Summer Days” by Ace Of Base

70. “Bottoms Up” by Kate Pierson

69. “Illuminati” by Madonna

68. “Don’t Stop” by Ace Of Base

67. “With A Little Love” by Parralox

66. “Butterfly Girl” by Duran Duran

65. “Bring Your Arms” by Kate Pierson

64. “Look Around Me” by Ace Of Base

63. “Do You Feel What I Feel” by Parralox

62. “Devil Pray” by Madonna

61. “Real Girl” by Little Boots

60. “WorkX2” by Annie

59. “What Are The Changes?” by Duran Duran

58. “Giving It Up” by Ace Of Base

57. “Together” by Parralox

56. “Joan Of Arc” by Madonna

55. “England Calling” by Marcella Detroit

54. “Companion” by Parralox

53. “Sunset In Southern California” by Ace Of Base

52. “You Kill Me With Science” by Duran Duran

51. “Dadadaday” by Annie

50. “Atmosphere” by Parralox

49. “Wash All Over Me” by Madonna

48. “Face For Today” by Duran Duran

47. “Real For You” by Joey McCrilley featuring Alice D

46. “Moments Of Magic” by Ace Of Base

45. “Mystery” by Parralox

44. “Sacred” by Erasure

43. “Paper Gods” by Duran Duran

42. “Lay The Rhythm Down” by Go!Go!Go!

41. “Come To Me” by Ace Of Base

40. “Mister Sister” by Kate Pierson

39. “Out Of Reach” by Annie

38. “Miranda” by Parralox

37. “Rebel Heart” by Madonna

36. "Baby" by E&D featuring Alice D

35. “Last Night In The City” by Duran Duran featuring Kieza

34. “Make My Day” by Ace Of Base

33. "Absolutely Anything (And Anything At All)" by Kylie Minogue

32. "Nite Life" by Glass Slipper

31. "Come" by Jenny Berggren

30. “Solid State” by Parralox

29. “Go Go Go” by Ace Of Base

28. "Ghosttown" by Madonna

27. "Sayonara" by Rebecca & Fiona

26. "Sweet Embrace" by Joey McCrilley featuring Alice D

25. “Dancer” by Jody Watley

24. “Danceophobia” by Duran Duran featuring Lindsay Lohan

23. “Cuba Cuba Libre” by Ace Of Base

22. "Somebody II" by Parralox

There you go! The next post will be #21.

Cheers then,
—The Poptastic Confessions Collective

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  1. Thanks for including us Dave!

    Lisa & Brad
    Glass Slipper

  2. Thanks for including us Dave!

    Lisa & Brad
    Glass Slipper