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Thursday, December 20, 2012

#18 of 2012

#18 in Poptastic Confessions Top Songs of 2012 is "Vacation" by Alphabeat. Click on the song title to see when we first wrote about the song.

Alphabeat is a group from Denmark who have a large UK fan base. No, this is not a remake of The Go-Go's classic. This is a very fast and fabulous song that goes by too quickly as it comes in under 3 minutes. Although any longer and your head might explode. So perhaps it is perfect as is. We think it might be the best song on their latest album Express Non-Stop. There was a second single called "Love Sea" ... we liked it, but we didn't love it as much as "Vacation."

The video for the song is super cute. And we think they did a great job with it. Who doesn't love dancing flight attendants? Everyone does! Alphabeat must be the happiest band on the planet! Well, for now. Enjoy!~

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