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Thursday, December 27, 2012

#10 in my favourite songs of 2012

#10 in my favourite songs of 2012 is "Something New" by Girls Aloud. Click on the song title to read when I wrote about the song in October.

This song was released from their latest greatest hits album called "Ten" to celebrate the group's 10th anniversary. However, they have been on hiatus for three years. Ha! Their last song to hit my Top 20 was the amazing "Untouchable" and it came in at #6 on my Top 20 of 2009. Although Nicola Roberts' (the redhead) solo outing landed her song "Beat Of My Drum" at #13 in last year's countdown.

"Something New" is relentless. And I have to give the group credit for going with songs that are a bit out of the box. The video is an extravaganza and it goes by a little too quickly. Plus, I think Sarah (the blonde) lacks screen time compared to the rest.

Girls Aloud also released a ballad earlier this month called "Beautiful Cause You Love Me." I blogged about it, but it didn't make my Top 20 list.

Some of Girls Aloud music is available on US iTunes. However, this is available on mp3va.com with a prepaid account.

See #11 in my countdown.

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