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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

#7 of 2013

Dear Poptastic Readers,

#7 in our Top Songs of 2013 is “Young Love” by The Lovely Wars. You can click on the song title to see what Poptastic Confessions had to say about it previously. 

The Lovely Wars is a Welsh band and the lead singer is Ani Saunders, who was also a singer in The Pipettes. Last year, Ani was interviewed for Poptastic Confessions.

“Young Love” is a lovely song. The melody is top-notch! Plus, who can resist the spoken word part in the middle? Not us. The video is really nice as you get to see Ani and the band having some fun and seeing them perform.

“Young Love” isn’t available on iTunes, but it is available on Bandcamp. Why? Well, for independent bands like The Lovely Wars, they can make more money by selling their music through Bandcamp. We hope you will support them.

Their first single also came out this year and it was called “Let’s Blow The Whole Thing Up.” It came in at #26. It's quite fun. Check it out.

Buy "Young Love" on Bandcamp today!

Cheers then,
—The Poptastic Confessions Collective

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