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Sunday, December 9, 2018

2018 Countdown — #101 through #62

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Happy Holidays! Welcome to our year-end countdown of our favourite poptastic songs of 2018!

In 2018, we had a record number of posts, as well as a record number of visitors (Thank you!). Compiling the list of songs was a bit hard for all of the contributors. All the contributors also had different favourites, so we have done our best to calculate the votes by contributors, how many visitors clicked on each post, and 
then bonus points were awarded if the artists acknowledged Poptastic Confessions for promoting their music, and in return promoted Poptastic Confessions. At the end of the day, Davearama and those closest to him help narrow down the songs into this list. A special thanks to Raoni, Sausi, Nick, Normski, Jason, Janice, and Arturo.

No matter what position the song lands in, they are all worthy. Our main goal at Poptastic Confessions is to bring you music that you might not have heard before. We hope you have enjoyed the songs, and that you will help support the artists by legally buying their music.

Now, on with the countdown! If you click on the name of the song, it will take you to our feature of the song this year. Enjoy!~

101. "Carry On" by Hanne Leland

100. "Untitled Love" by Solarstone & RABBII

99. "Golden" by Kylie Minogue

98. "Downtown Shutdown" by The Presets

97. "Made You Love Me" by Infernal

96. "Arcade Lover" by Lieza

95. "What Kind Of World" by Tom Bailey

94. "Used To You" by Dagny

93. "Getcha Ass Up" by Glass Slipper

92. "Getaway" by Roosevelt

91. "Birthday" by Kim Wilde

90. "Song 4 Me" by K3Y5HIFT3R featuring The 004

89. "Afraid Of The Dark" by RABBII

88. "Never See Me Cry" by Una Healy

87. "Busted" by Bowie Jane

86. "Eus Keus?" by Gwenno

85. "Runaway" by Oscar

84. "Golden Child" by Say Lou Lou

83. "Not Alone (All Elo Ele)" by Infernal

82. "Holly Would" by Daddy Deluxe featuring Deven Green

81. "I Own The Sky" by Jane Badler

80. "A Lifetime To Repair" by Kylie Minogue

79. "Storm" by SuRie

78. "The Only One" by Glass Slipper

77. "Shadows" by Little Boots

76. "Fever Vibe" by St. Humain

75. "That Feeling When" by Dagny

74. "Queen" by Tracey Thorn

73. "On My Own" by Claire Richards

72. "Slow Dance" by RABBII

71. "I Wouldn't Know" by Benjamin Ingrosso

70. "In The Name Of Love" by Alcazar

69. "Skibidi" by Little Big

68. "Rooftop" by Clara Mae

67. "Fire" by Ulrika

66. "Rocket" by En Vogue

65. "Kandy Krush" by Kim Wilde

64. "Slow Motion" by Magnus Carlsson

63. "Simply The Best" by Noah Reid

62. "Shadows" by Roosevelt

Check back tomorrow when we feature songs #61 through #22. You can also listen to these songs on our 2018 Poptastic Confessions Playlist on Spotify. Woo!

Cheers then,

—The Poptastic Confessions Collective

P.S. Poptastic Confessions has featured countdowns over the past 7 years, even before we had the name Poptastic Confessions. Check out the following lists ... 

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