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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

#15 in Davearama's Top 20 of 2011

#15 in my favourite songs of 2011 is "Born This Way" by 
Lady GaGa. Yes, she had quite a few songs out this year, 
but I didn't like "Judas" or "You And I". I liked "Edge Of 
Glory", but I didn't like the saxophone solo. And "Marry 
The Night" was OK. So this is the only song of hers to 
make my Top 20 this year.

To me, "Born This Way" came at a pivotal time. It seemed 
like suicides among gay teens were on the rise. The "It Gets 
Better" video campaign was in full swing, and Lady GaGa 
really came out and said something about this. And the song 
is a testament to that. I can't think of a more important song 
that the youth of today really needed to hear. This was it.

"No matter gay, straight or bi
Lesbian, transgendered life
I'm on the track, baby
I was born to survive"

My hat is off to Lady GaGa for this song. I really admire her 
for releasing it as the debut single from her album of the 
same name.

Now, I will admit, the melody of the song sounds very similar 
to "Express Yourself" by Madonna. That doesn't bother me at 
all. I think what I don't like about this song is that the music 
sounds "noisy" to me, and that is why it probably doesn't make 
my Top 10. That, and the video was awful. Sorry, but I don't 
want to sit through an 8-minute video. No thanks! The song, 
yes. The video, no.

Lady GaGa's music is available everywhere.

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