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Friday, December 30, 2011

#5 in Davearama's Top 20 of 2011

#5 in my favourite songs of 2011 is "Me And My Microphone" by September. There is quite an interesting story behind this song. Last year at this time, September released her first single from her current album "Love CPR." The single was called "Resuscitate Me" and it landed at #16 on my 2010 list

While promoting the single, September took part in a Swedish reality television show called Så mycket bättre (So much better). The show brought together 8 Swedish singers to stay in a hotel for 8 days. Each night during dinner was an episode where 7 singers would sing the songs of the featured 8th singer, trying to put their own style on the song. For instance, on episode that featured the songs of September, the songs were sung by the 7 other singers, all while September and the others watched.

One of the singers was a Swedish rapper named Petter. In 1999, he had a minor hit in Sweden with a slow rap song called "Mikrofonkåt." September sang this song for the episode that featured Petter songs. She sang it in Swedish and put her Eurodance sound on it. The response was overwhelming. September's version of "Mikrofonkåt" was released as digital single in Sweden and it shot to the #1 spot and stayed there for 11 consecutive weeks. Needless to say, it overshadowed her first single "Resuscitate Me."

The song was also recorded in English and released on her album in February of this year. I loved the song even when it was sung in Swedish and I didn't understand the lyrics. But the English version is amazing and I have been constantly playing it all year long. Finally, September released a long-awaited video of it this fall. Who doesn't love elevator dancing? And those fabulous green shoes! Great song, great video!

September's other single this year was "Party In My Head", which came in at #12. Last year, "Resuscitate Me" came in at #16. All three songs are available on the album "Love CPR."

September's album "Love CPR" is available on iTunes.

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