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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Tidbits about the 2014 countdown

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Happy New Year!

Sorry for the almost-three-week gap, I was vacationing in lovely Costa Rica! And then I needed a rest from my vacation to get back to blogging!

As I always do on the first post of the year, here are some fun facts about Poptastic Confessions Top 20 Songs of 2014.

Kylie Minogue had the most songs in the countdown with three songs: "Into The Blue" at #9, "I Was Gonna Cancel" at #16 and "Crystallize" at #20. The Saturdays, Alcazar, Glass Slipper and Say Lou Lou all had two songs in the countdown.

New to the countdown this year was Parralox, Glass Slipper, Alice D, Say Lou Lou and Lindstøm.

As you know, The Saturdays had their first #1 on my chart. Who else had a #1 on my chart? Jody Watley, Alcazar, Kylie Minogue and Gwenno when she was in The Pipettes.

How international was the chart this year? The artists from the US were Jody Watley, Glass Slipper, Crystal Waters and Paris Hilton. Artists from the UK were The Saturdays, Francine, Erasure, Alice D, and Gwenno (notably from Wales, and also the only song not sung in English).

From Australia we got Parralox and Kylie Minogue. Say Lou Lou are half Australian and half Swedish. And speaking of Sweden, we had Alcazar, StoneBridge, Röyksopp & Robyn and Rebecca & Fiona. And Lindstrøm is from Norway.

Women sung 17 of the 20 songs on the countdown! Girl Power!

I hope you enjoyed the countdown. Here's to 2015!

Cheers then,

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